Monday, 23 January 2012

An unplanned evening together

He arrives home at 6, I'm sat on his sofa wearing a new blue chemise, as I get up to kiss him and put the kettle on the wet slit mark was visible on the cushions. I was so aroused and had been since the moment we arrange me coming over. He comments on my new hair cut and outfit, loving them both and pulling me close as he smiles and kisses me, his hands tracing my curves and taking hold of my ample bottom.

He puts dinner on and freshens up before settling down to eat together we enjoy both talking over work stuff. Our friendship and support for each other is something I value so much with him, both of us have focused and driven business values so we make a good sounding board for each other.

Dinner over and I suggest a spot of nakedness, he laughs and guides me to the bedroom. It's been over a week since we have seen each other and I'm aching to have my body pressed to his and his arms around me.

He holds me so close, kissing me and bathing me in so much love. He smiles at me and whispers goodbye as he goes under the covers. I know what's coming next, me. He feasts on me for almost and hour initially licking, sucking and drinking me and eventually fisting me and fingering my arse as I convulse in a orgasmic state. The bed is drenched and so is YSL. I've covered him in my juices.

He lies back next to me to hold me, I'm trying to recover but his enthusiasm for me cumming beats me. His hand is back on my clit I can feel how swollen it is as he wanks it almost like a cock, the thought of 'this must be what it feels like to have your cock wanked' goes through my head and it turns me on even more. As I started to climax my clit feels electrified, his touch is too much for me to bare but he continues, his fingers delving into my wetness every now and then but immediately returning to torturing my clit and drawing more orgasms out of me. My legs are locked apart, he has them pinned so there's no escaping, all of a sudden the biggest orgasm crashes down on me, I cum hard I feel my own cum ejaculate from my cunt onto my thigh.

His hard cock is already in my hand, in the throws of it all I had taken hold of it, not to wank but for my own pleasure and to measure how aroused YSL was.

He puts on one of the new cock rings around his balls and base of his cock and gentle pushes me on my side. I'm so ready to feel his cock inside me. It feels good, I don't know if it's the cock ring, the absence if sex for a week or just how perfect the angle is but his cock is filling me and pushing the right places, his balls are forced against me, I feel thoroughly taken.

He fucks me hard until I'm cumming on his cock, his hands adoring me as he pounds my cunt hard. He reaches for some lube, his cock still inside and not missing a stroke as he starts to ply my arse with it. He switches holes, slowly at first, his cock is so rigid and engorged it's hard to take. Once inside he starts to fuck me harder, I'm clawing at the bedding it feels so fucking good. He starts to talk dirty to me, he tells me how much I turn him on, how much he wants me, that he loves that he is the one I choose to expose myself to. He starts to tell me what he going to do to me, the very thought of it as he fucks my arse is enough to send me into another climax, I think I'm going to have to ask him to stop, my whole body is now electrified and hyper sensitive but I don't want him to stop, I want much more. His fingers work their way into my cunt, he takes hold of his cock that is inside my arse still and gentle holds himself through my walls, he tells me he can feel all the contours on his cock as he moves slowly in and out my arse.

I'm unable to speak, it's not needed, my only job is to lie there and take his cock, he explains that so clearly. He pulls his hand out and pushes his cock back inside my cunt. This time he fingers my arse until its as full as I can take it, he pushes against his cock from my arse, I'm so full of him, he tells me I'm being good taking his cock and just how good I feel. He pulls out again, this time he works both hands inside, one in each hole, I'm biting the pillow and reading to unleash the mother of all orgasms when he also pushes his cock into my cunt. I feel my cunt crush against his hand and cock as I can't stop myself from letting go and cumming in such a way I've rarely experienced. He pulls his hand out my arse knowing I need it gentler while I recover a little and slowly wanks his cock a moment still inside me. The lube is replenished and he pushes his cock and 2 fingers into my arse again. I love how much he is taking from me, how much pleasure he is getting from using my holes, I want him to use me this much, I want him to fill me with his cum. His cock throbs as he pushes deeper depositing his seed so deep inside.

We curl up and watch some comedy in bed, so close my head nestle on his chest he places kisses on me as we watch, he can't see my face but I am smiling so much, I'm very happy.

His cock is hard again and he starts to stroke it, he knows I adore watching but I want to hold it as well. We change the programme, some porn, I'm already restless and aroused the porn is pouring fuel on the flames. I can't focus on the screen I want his cock too much. I take it in my mouth and adore it as I glance at the screen I between taking his entire length into my mouth, his cock tastes of his arousal and mine. His hands reach and caress my back, it feels like a perfect moment, just lazily enjoying the pleasures of each others bodies.

The clip ends and we clear the laptop away and put on some music, kissing and pushing out bodies against each other. He continue to masturbate his cock for me as I slowly finger myself. I see he is close to cumming and move closer, I want to be covered. The warm raindrops of cum land on me, some making it as far as my lips. We kiss and pull close enjoying his climax together. I need to go soon but plan to be back early before he even wakes but the charade for the husband tonight needs me to arrive back after my business meeting.

Before I go I plug in the Hitachi, I hadn't cum when I was fingering myself but I had been so close and I wanted the release still, greedy of me considering how much pleasure I have been given all night but YSL never makes me feel anything but encouragement at these moments and he gladly holds me close as I masturbate in his arms. I ask him to finger me as I hold the wand hard against my swollen clit. He knows exactly what to do, I'm close to cumming but in need if tipping over the edge, he takes my pierced nipple firmly in his mouth and without warning or expectation he bites me. My orgasm sweeps through me so rapidly, so powerfully, the surprise shock of the pain send my mind into a sheer euphoric climax.

After a lingering kiss and cuddle I dress and make plans to return early in morning, we are spending a day off together, pure indulging pleasure all day.


  1. This story gave me my final orgasm of the night. I'm going to bed very satisfied. Thank you for sharing this with us!


  2. Wonderfully told, it sounds like the perfect evening.

  3. Your adventures together are so very intimate and sexy.