Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A day off; tied, cropped, face fucked and loved

I try to be as quiet as possible and undress downstairs, tiptoeing up the stairs and I see him asleep in the bed. I slip under the covers and spoon him. His body is toasty warm and as i press by body to his he instinctively pushes closer to me.

He turns to snuggle in and intermittently delivers kisses to my lips and forehead as he stirs from his sleep, his eyes still tight shut but smiling. His cock is hard and I take hold of him, slowly and firmly wanking him as he holds me. His hand reaches round to finger me and finds my arse and he presses inside with 2 fingers.

I’m aroused but my focus is on his pleasure, I want to make him cum more than I want any pleasure. I move to sit on his face just as he asks for the same, I adore we are so in tune with each others wants.

I straddle him and enjoy his face buried in my folds and watch as he wanks his cock furiously for me until he covers me as he climaxes.

A serious amount of cuddling follows, I ask him to pass the Hitachi and he declines, commenting on how he had read about my enjoyment of orgasm control on my limits list, NO! Not now! He laughs and says don’t worry I know it’s more than that and heads under the duvet, I cancel the requirement for the Hitachi knowing I'm about to experience my favourite of all delights.

He licks me relentlessly, I’m cumming so much I cant catch my breath in between the onslaught of pleasure. Just when I think he is done with me his fist pushes inside me and he locks his mouth so firmly around my clit, its airtight and pulling everything physically and emotionally from me as he fists me deeply. Im going to cum, not just my clit but gspot as well. I feel like I’m almost going to vomit a climax from me it’s such a overwhelming sweeping wave passing through me.

He knows I need holding, he takes me in his arms and caresses me as I shudder, eventually I calm down and I feel so restful in his embrace I drift off to sleep being held by him.

I wake from his kisses and his offer of breakfast and coffee. After a brief spell of responding to e-mails we curl up together again. He lavishes love upon me in so many ways, I feel uplifted by his affection. Every touch, every kiss, even the way he is looking at me has me overflowing with want for this man.

He takes his time appraising and appreciating every inch of me before slowly manipulating my clit and sucking on my breasts. He holds me close and firmly as I start to cum and presses his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. If the day ended now I would leave so sated but it was only just beginning.

Both of us have important calls to deal with. I finish before him and take the chance to write a blog post. I notice on his bedside table are my pegs he bought me for Christmas. I put them on my nipples as he finishes his call. He laughs and kisses me making me gasp and he pushes his chest against the pegs making them pull at my nipples. He leaves the room a moment and returns with the riding crop, pulls back the covers and without ceremony goes to work on my arse.

There is no warm up, immediately he strikes me with purpose, I instinctively roll back to cover myself as the intensity builds. He pushes me back and makes it clear to stay in place.

He strikes me again, alternating cheeks and holding my cheeks open so my hole gets a seeing to as well. As I retract he strikes my cheeks harder I know I have to keep my hole open and presented.

It gets too much and I reach back to cover myself. He throws down the crop and leaves the room returning with bondage tape and he secures my hands together ensuring I can’t interfere anymore. He picks up the crop and starts again, I try to be good and take it, he rubs spit into my burning skin and blows on it sending more intense sensations through my body, another strike lands and I pull away earning my feet being bound and another thorough cropping.

I hadn’t noticed but when he had left the room before he had retrieved from the toy box a butt plug and the large dildo. He pushes me on my back and stuffs my holes before going to work on my nipples with the crop. Its too much, the pegs are still on and each strike to my nipple is more than I can take, I hate it and love it so much. I want to tell him to stop but frightened he does.

He reaches for the flogger and flogs my breasts and stomach, not so much using force but the stinging bite setting my skin alight feels so good.

He sits astride my face and teases me with his cock, rubbing the precum over my face before fucking my mouth. I feel so taken by him, affectionately abused, I swear I could cum from just this act alone before adding both holes being full and stretched. He teases me again and intermittently forceing his cock in my mouth and throat so deep until he spurts his cum into my open and cock hungry mouth. I hold his cum in my mouth and wait for his instruction “swallow it now” i do what im told as he starts to untie me.

The peg removal was so intense, the cropping had made them so sensitive and tender, he slowly removes the first, I grit my teeth as the blood rushes through them and accelerates the pain. He waits a moment and removes the next , pulling me close as I feel it before taking them gently in his mouth and caressing it with his tongue.

After lunch we watch a programme on TV, one of his favourite shows, I love learning this side of him, things that give our relationship depth and more things to share. As it finishes we swap sides on the bed, I was on what was normally his side. I reach to get a drink and he tells me to stay in that position and pushes his cock inside me.

He starts to slowly make love to me but then begins to fuck my mind with the words he says to me. My leg is locked back over his as he fucks me, my cunt exposed, he tells me he wants to invite Steve, a guy we have met at the club, he enthusiastically licked my cunt for ages one night when we met close to the standards of YSL, YSL wants him to lick my cunt while he fucks my holes. I want this too and it’s very evident as my wetness increases so much its covering his balls and thighs. He tells me to roll onto my front and stuffs the dildo in my cunt and mounts my arse. He fucks me with such enthusiasm and depth, I’ve never had my arse fucked so perfectly.

I’m so close to cumming and he bites my back hard knowing it will throw me over the edge. He switches hole and fucks my cunt hard until I’m clawing at the pillows, his hands around me, almost at my neck and its driving me wild as thoughts fill my head. I start to cum again almost crying as the feeling rushes through me, I feel s so raw and lay bare now, I’ve cum so much.

He pulls out and lies back on the bed and places me between his thighs, my head on his groin, his hand firmly directing my head next to his cock. He lets me lick the tip but then wanks it close to my mouth, I'm aching for it, I need him to cum and give me it. He allows me to suck him again but only a moment then he expertly wanks himself until he offers it back to my open mouth and spills his climax into me.

The day was finished of perfectly, more closeness in bed followed by a long hot soak in the double tub together. I don’t want the day to end, as we bathed my thoughts go to wanting to remain entwined all night, a carpet picnic and a film or dinner, cocktails and falling asleep together. When I get back home he sends me a message reflecting the same thoughts, proving how connected we are and wanting each other, yet both of us understanding the limitations of what we have, valuing every moment we have together.


  1. OMG!! That is so utterly depraved. You've now left me with a raging hardon and a wife working in the next office who I won't be able to lay a hand on until we finish work...That's THREE WHOLE HOURS!!!!
    Have you any idea what you can do to a chap with your raunchy writings, you wonderful, wicked woman!

  2. Now THAT'S how to spend a day off!

  3. What a fantastic day for you both. The passion you two have is incredible, and wonderful to read about.

  4. While I enjoy the descriptions of your sexual adventures together, I love how evident your love for and how deep your connection with YSL are.

  5. After reading this, I had to turn off my computer and get some for myself... ;)

  6. Nights and days like this transcend mere sex and read more like a vacation in nirvana.

  7. OMG! Read this and craved a huge cock thrust up my ass and a fist in my cunt! Lucky you, horny thing!