Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HNT or TNH - isolation

He's away, I'm bereft without him, my entire being, inside and out is aching for him more than I dare admit. I need his arms around me, sex isn't needed, his eyes upon me are.

He sent me this, it is officially my favourite picture of his cock. I want to lie my head upon his tummy and stroke his cock, my cock as I gaze upon it.

Dont forget to post a comment if you are playing so I know to visit.


  1. This is also MY favorite picture of YSL's cock. :)


  2. I know you'll forgive me for admiring YSL's lovely, lovely cock from afar. ;)

  3. It's beautiful. You're lucky.

    We played. We went with the "zany" theme so they're silly and fun this week.

  4. I would love to be sitting on the edge of the bed whilst YSL banged your sweet hot pussy with his thick pole. After he cums in you, I'm there to make sure none of his hot delicious cum goes to waste. ;)