Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What have you not done with YSL yet but want to?

I was updating my limits list 2 weeks ago and there were a few things that crossed my mind but know that in time as we explore each other further i am sure they will happen. 

We have never done orgasm control as such, something YSL mentioned the other day. Its a tough one to do as he enjoys making me cum so much and I'm certainly not about to grumble about that! When the mood is right I'm sure it will occur and i look forward to being teased to the point I'm begging for permission to cum or happy to take the consequences of  to being able to stop myself. 

Another thing I'd like to do is sensory deprivation; blind folded, earplugs or earphones, tied up, totally his and have to trust him so entirely. Every touch amplified as its my only sense left. 

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  1. Orgasm control is something I enjoy with lovers with submissive leanings. Combined with physical restraints, it can create the most powerful orgasms . . . when I allow them to happen.

  2. Orgasm control is an incredible high for both parties. When the damn is finally allowed to burst it can be quite earth shattering.

  3. Sensory deprivation is awesome, at least blindfolding. Nothing like not knowing where the kisses and licks are going.