Friday, 13 January 2012

Are you and YSL in an exclusive relationship together, I know you swing together but I mean do you both still see others?

Wow big question! It's not something that has ever been discussed or expressed either way beyond our initial meeting when we were not looking for a relationship. I have rightly or wrongly intuitively assumed a level of exclusiveness.

That said I haven't had sex with anyone else since the night we met other than in his presence, nor have I wanted too. I can't speak for YSL but I don't think he would have the time although I would hope if he wanted to he would feel comfortable enough to tell me as I would want it to be part of us not something to hide. 

Besides guys why fuck another woman on the side when I'd be happy to make it a 3sum ? 

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  1. The last sentence of this answer was one of the greatest things ever written. We do appreciate your hoping that YSL would let you know if he felt the need to play separately, though somehow we doubt it; the trust between you two is tangible.

  2. While I was not the one to submit this question, I too have been wondering about the dynamic between you and YSL (and your hubby, if I'm not mistaken, is not aware...?) Thanks for answering.