Monday, 9 January 2012

TMI - The Wedding Tackle

All about the wedding tackle, twig & berries, pole, fire hose, skin flute, dipstick, meat thermometer or what we all know as the penis.

1. What’s more important – length or width? Why?

I think it's a combo deal, one is little good without the other. I've become a bit of a cock snob these days and it's fuelled by having access to the most wonderful cock. YSL has best of both, I love that when he pushes inside me I feel myself stretch to accommodate him. When out swinging with YSL he is as bad as me! I remember us both lay on the beach in Cap D'Agde watching Dutch stroke his cock, both of us in awe of it. When we had the chance YSL ensured in the midst of the orgy I was the lucky girl getting Dutch's length. Full post here.. sex on the beach **aplause**

2. Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?
Nope and I look forward to the day I get fuck by one that is.

3. Best place to put a penis?
I'm torn to answer this...

If its one hole only, like forever, I'm going cunt but I so love YSL in every hole.

4. If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?

I'd fuck YSL all day so he knows how good it feels.

5. You’re a penis, which love canal (that’s a vagina) would you most like to visit:
a. short and shallow
b. fall into the gap, gliding smoothly along the slick walls
c. tight suction lip-lock
d. none, I prefer the back door thank you

What's with having to chose again? I'd go for all, slowly appraising the benefits if each and having a second turn just to check I was right first time!

Hmm I think YSL needs to add a comment here... Which is mine?

Bonus: What is the perfect name for your penis or a penis you use often?

I don't have a pet name for YSL's cock, I do often say its MY COCK and MY CUM and that he should give me it.

Go see who else is playing with there cocks... I mean TMI


  1. Q5 - Wow what a choice. The more juices are flowing, the more I like it, so on balance I would always go for B. Not quite sure if 'fall into the gap' is the way I would describe it, but Yummy knows that I love gliding smoothly along her slick walks.

    Tight suction lip-lock, isn't that what anal is for??

    My penis is very much at home inside Yummy.

  2. Your answers, as always, are simultaneously sweet, funny, and erotic. I love your mention of being a "cock snob", and imagine that someday cock snobs will be just as prevalent in society as wine connoisseurs.

    Your answer to the bonus question was great. Jill is the same with mine.

  3. I know! What is with making us choose where to put the cock in these questions!

  4. Good answers! It was fun imagining what I'd do with a cock if I had one. I love the love you obviously have for YSL's cock.

  5. Great answers- I am with you on going for it all! :)

  6. I don't like having to choose either ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Cock snob is not a bad thing. I hated having to choose too. :)
    I hope someday to have a cock so attached to me that I can say 'My cock' as well.