Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy Birthday!I have to compliment ur breast, they are unbelievable.:) A question: Would like to RP ur were getting Fcked by several guys u met at a bar?

Not quite sure what the question was but... Trying to have a stab at it...

As a fantasy I like the idea of meeting several guys and then having a gang bang but in practice... I really need contection and trust to relax and enjoy sex fully. My enjoyment in group sex is underpinned by it being a shared pleasure with YSL, also knowing I'm safe and cared for as he always puts my comfort and happiness ahead of any pleasure.

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  1. Very interesting. We've never imagined it was particularly easy for a woman to focus on the attentions of several men (though we're sure there are some women for whom it is). It's wonderful that your connection with YSL gives you what you need to better enjoy it.