Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Part 2 of the Dungeon visit

part 1 is HERE and there is a video and pics also there of me being fisted.

As we looked into the room a woman in her 60's, in red latex and looking very good on it she has breasts most 40 year olds would kill for! She's sat in a throne whilst a man also in his early 60's clad in leather with a great body on him was giving a massage and intermittently spanking her.

The FemDom encouraged us into the room and showed us some of her toys, she was like a sales assistant drawing us in, before I knew it I was bent over a spanking bench and receiving a thorough seeing to!

YSL was invited to sit on the throne and watch, he was holding a variety of implements ready for her to use on me. She started with a paddle, one side was sponge the other not, she alternated i think she was trying to find my comfort levels. It's a swinging night in the club so for most it would be their first experience.

She switched implement and moved on to a flogger, getting harder each time. The room is full over probably 50 whips, crops, floggers and assorted implements to delight ones bottom and she was working her way through them pushing me a little more each time. My eyes are locked on YSL, I'm enjoying him watching in such away, like he is overseeing a punishment he has ordered.

The horse hair whip gave such an unusual burn feeling for such a light touch. She strikes me harder with a whip and asks if it's too much "yes, perfectly" was my reply, she laughed and complimented my attitude and continued to administer.

She struck me with a cat-o-nine tails that had metal ends, that was too much but as soon as she put it back I had a pang for more. She continued to increase the strikes until my demonstration of the whips was over.

After a little persuasion I swap places with YSL, she administers then same to him. I enjoy the role of holding the whips and crops and advise that YSL doesn't take it like I do, I know he wouldn't appreciate the cat-o-nine especially but we both saw it as a fantastic chance to feel each item and see them used to help us with our experimenting and exploring at home. He likes to know what each feels like and intensity of it so he understands how to give to it me.

The Dom asks me to hop on his table and enjoy a massage, that lasted a minute as i invited him to spank me. I think he was surprised I was up for more already. He started light but my moans and arousal were very evident and he increased his ferocity.

YSL has finished his demonstration and finished with a massage and is now sat at the top if the table im on and a woman clearly wants him and his cock, he entertains her for a moment but shes blocking the view and she is a tad too drunk for his liking, she drops to her knees and starts playing with his cock but I can see the look of disinterest in him. We lock eyes and I feel connected with him.

The Dom struck me harder with a crop and I scream "you fucking cunt" he stopped, I turned to him and said "I called you a fucking cunt, I didn't say stop". He laughed and continued by telling me to turn over, expecting to gently flog my thighs to titillate me but I open my thighs fully and make it clear I wanted my cunt spanked. He struck my lips over and over, each time he gasped as he felt how soaked I was.

He grabbed more toys from his bag and pleasured me with a Hitachi like vibe while playing with my breasts. The drunk woman has joined us at the table and bites my nipple hard, I'm sure most would not of appreciated the depth of bite but I was in such a mood for it I didn't care. I turned away as she went to kiss me, her breath was flammable I'm sure. The Dom has his face buried in my cunt lapping at me, he lifts his head a moment and exclaims he adores my cunt before throwing himself head first back inside.

YSL joins me, he kisses me and caresses my breasts, the Dom has position himself so my stockinged foot is wanking his cock as his fingers reach into my cunt while YSL manipulates my clit perfectly so I'm in raptures and cumming hard.

After mopping the table up we head back upstairs for a drink and to see what's happening on the swinging side of things, we head to one of the rooms and slowly fuck for what must of been over an hour, initially we enjoyed the entertainment of a young new couple, she was on her knees blowing her partner but I think performance anxiety was preventing any further fun.

YSL pushes into my arse and continues to make love to me, people come and go in the other rooms, clearly not into sustained pleasure. So many of the swingers are of the panda variety (eats, shoots and leaves) unlike ourselves that aren't about a quick orgasm, it's the connection, the giving, the overall experience.

We head back to the dungeon and it's all quiet, I bend over the spanking table and ask to be fisted. YSL's hand slips inside with ease I'm so wet from cumming so much Fucking upstairs. It feels so good the angle is perfect.

Another pair of hands appear on my back slowly massaging me, it's the Dom. It gives me such a surge if arousal feeling centre of attention. YSL tells me afterwards he was looking to see what he was doing and when he saw I was being fisted his eyes lit up.

I cum hard and soak YSL's arm in doing so, he continues to fist me and keeps my cumming hard as the Do
holds my cheeks apart, I'm in such a state, climaxing and loving the intensity of the moment and sensation.

YSL pulls out but tells me to stay still, he has gone to get lube. Next I feel the Dom work his lubed hand inside while YSL holds me open, such a heady arousing moment. It's not long until my cunt is gripping his hand as I cum hard again. YSL kisses me hard, taking my breath away as I climax and shudder, such a perfect end to our night at the Dungeon.


  1. Amazing how malleable our reaction to pain is, isn't it? Especially when you know it can be replaced by the sublimest of pleasures, whenever your dom desires.

  2. I can't breathe. A lot to take in. Wow

  3. A very intense account of your experience! We love the amount of detail that you give us. It really makes it easy to imagine that we're there.

  4. Wow! Hot stuff. My first time to your blog but it won't be my last. I'm in the adult business so I know good content when I see it. Keep up the good work, I'll be visiting more often.