Monday, 30 January 2012

Just wanted to say lovin YSL soon posts on blog, he seems as candid n confident as you. Would he write somethin about what he thinks about you, you clearly are summit different to any woman I've ever met??

Thank you for your compliments and saying that I am as candid and confident as Yummy. From just that line I think that you have really identified why it works so well between us as the chemistry is just right between us. I really don't think that it a case of Yummy being different or me being anything particularly special, it is that thing that you just can't put your finger on where you just connect and get along so well with someone.
I have been in a number of relationships in my life, however there have only been three where I felt that there was a really special connection where we just became one when we were together and Yummy is one of these. I'm sure that some people go through life never experiencing this and just assume that relationships are what they are, with differences, periods of loving punctuated by disagreements, difficulties and then back to a normal working relationship and I too thought that until the first time I had experienced this different type of relationship at the age of 27. For those who haven't been lucky enough to experience it, my best description of it is that you can feel that connection within the first hour of meeting someone and you just know that this isn't some honeymoon period style infatuation, but you have just undeniable belief that this person is a perfect fit and that your views, preferences, paradigms and ways of thinking will be the same as theirs.
I felt this on the first night I met Yummy and after she left at 5am, I had no doubt in my mind that we would have a very close relationship, although it has got stronger and closer than I could have ever imagined, and I certainly didn't envisage that I would be spending a week with her in a swingers resort in the south of France less than five months later!!
With Yummy I have perfect trust and confidence in her.  There are a lot of things that I have never done with any other lover that relate to daily normal life that I have had the confidence in Yummy  to do. I shan't be expanding as they are too detailed, but Yummy knows what I mean, and that's what counts.
So, with the above in mind, what do I think about Yummy and what attracts me to her? First of all, physically, as I have mentioned before, she is a very striking lady and has great presence. After all, she is six feet tall and a larger lady, which is something that I adore. Yummy often talks about her height and I joke that I am the man who has finally tamed the 50 foot woman, saving the town by ensuring that she doesn't go on a sex fuelled rampage. I believe that she is very beautiful, she dresses very stylishly and well and she has a lovely smile.
For her personality, she has a very infectious cheer about her and is someone who always takes the best from any given situation rather than dwelling on the negatives and if there are any difficulties that she encounters, she is a problem solver and leads the way to a better outcome. She is very generous spirited with her time and emotions as well as with material things as she always brings good wine and food and on occasion brings fantastic home baked goodies. Talking of which, she is a very talented cook.
Without a doubt, Yummy is very quick witted and can come up with one liners that are hilarious in a split second, however her humour and observations are very cutting and sarcastic, so may not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly are to me.
So on to the thing that brought us together in the first place. As readers may know, we met through a swinging site, so clearly we are both interested in sex and sex with a number of partners. Yummy has a very high sex drive........and so do I, which makes us perfectly compatible. There is one area where we do have different perspectives and it relates to sex. I have always been a fairly vanilla guy, but liking many partners, whereas Yummy has great interest in the bdsm side and prior to last year wasn't an area that I had any interest or thoughts on. To be honest I didn't really understand the attraction, although I have always accepted it in others. Yummy gave me some books to read and it helped me understand this area further and it is something that I have become involved in and fully enjoy, although I will admit that I had some reservations and felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning. This brings us back to the point at the top of this piece, about mutual attraction. Even though we met through a site that brings together people who wish to meet for sex, it was the attraction that we had for each other that was paramount above the type of sex we were looking for.
Having said that, we have never once had 'bad sex' or 'frustrating sex' and this is because we have mutual respect for each other and accommodate each other's feelings and needs every time we are together.
Our sex is all about giving to the other person, there has never been any hint of selfishness or one person taking all of the time. We are open to new ideas and will give them a go. We enjoy meeting new people to enjoy sex with, however once again due to our closeness, as in my last post we know what each other are looking for in potential new playmates, so there has never been an issue of one person diving into a situation head first and having the time of their life whilst the other sits on the sideline feeling uncomfortable.
Hope this provides some insight into us, what Yummy is like and my take on Yummy. If anything is taken away by readers, in my experience, it is not the characteristics of a person that make a relationship work, it is mutual attraction and shared paradigms combined with ongoing respect for each other.

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  1. This is a beautiful summation of the relationship you both have built. The mutual respect you describe is essential; we believe that with mutual respect a relationship is so much easier. Anyone who has read Yummy's blog for any length of time knows that you are both generous with each other; this selflessness is also an important component of any relationship.

    We are enjoying the guest posts, and we hope more will follow!

  2. I can certainly tell there is a lot of feeling & emotion shared between you pair... It's a joy to know just how deep it is! :)

  3. Finding that special someone you connect with on such a deep level doesn't happen very often, so congrats to you two. The trust, respect, admiration, and, dare I say love, between you two is evident in everything both of you write.

  4. "Our sex is all about giving to the other person." That is the key to an enjoyable relationship of any kind. And the doors you've opened for each other have been many.