Friday, 27 January 2012

You answered on your TMI WYR question a gang bang, would you do this in reality?

If you had asked me this last year the answer would of been no. If I was with YSL yes, after experiencing being shared by him on a few occasions I have enjoyed being the centre of attention and being given so much pleasure. I do think I would feel an amount of guilt though after, not from the act, I'm comfortable with my sexuality and high sex drive but because I had taken the pleasure as opposed to it being shared.

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  1. Being the center of attention and the recipient of all the pleasure sounds nice. I do understand the guilt though...

  2. I sometimes fantasize about being in a gang bang as well. It isn't my favorite fantasy by any means, or even my favorite group fantasy. While it would be very exciting I am afraid I would be overwhelmed by all the sensation, especially since I haven't yet had an MFM threesome. One step at a time! For me the main appeal to a gangbang fantasy is knowing that I was able to satisfy so many men at once. Yes, the pleasure that they would be giving me is appealing, but for me it's at least partially psychological. I don't know if I would ever make this fantasy a reality because, like you, I'd feel guilty about it afterwards. Any extracurricular playing that we do, we intend to do together. (Although that doesn't mean that Jack wouldn't be involved.)