Monday, 30 January 2012

TMI Super Bowl (ok maybe not)

Since we don't do Super bowl here I'm going to tweak my answers a little... Ok a lot!!!

Even if their team is not going to the Super Bowl, millions of people love an excuse to party. So party we will. Tell us what your ideal Super Bowl Celebration (or any sports party) looks like by answering:

1. What’s your favorite _____ that you’ll serve at the party (name one item for each):
a. choice of beer Peroni
b. choice of wine St Emilion
c. choice of distilled spirit Irish Whisky
d. choice of mixed drink Whisky and diet Pepsi
e. choice of chip not fussy
f. choice of dip. Whatever's going
g. choice of take-out food (pizza, burgers, Chinese food, wings, etc) curry
h. choice of homemade food Fajitas!
i. choice of salty food. Cock
j. choice of sweet food. Pussy

2. What will you wear at the party? Assuming its a swingers free for all I'm going in a baby doll/chemise

3. You will be having your very own half time show at the football party. What is that half-time show? Briefly describe.

I think I'd go for masturbating, I did try this once to distract the husband at half time when the soccer was on but he told me I was in the way!

4. What team do you wish was playing in the Super Bowl?

I love being fisted thanks for asking, there's a video of it here. (yes jack you have to watch it again to be polite)

5. The NY Giants and New England Patriots are in Super Bowl 2012, who do you want to win? (ummm…yeah, I had to google that info…LOL)

Yes masturbsting is a hobby of mine and I adore that YSL has actively encouraged my hobby and often joins in. Video here.

Bonus: Have you ever made a football (or Super Bowl) bet that involved sex? Tell us about your own Super Bowl of Sex.

I bet I can cum more than the combined scores of the Super Bowel next night away with YSL.

Does fucking the captain of an international soccer team count?

Bonus Bonus: Will you watch the Super Bowl? Do you even care about the Super Bowl? American football at all? What’s your can’t live without sport?

I only do sports that can be done in high heels; sex and dancing.

Go see who else played at


  1. Some of your answers were funny! Made me smile. :)

  2. Great answers as always. I love Peroni - well, it's been awhile since I've had it; I used to. And I also chose Irish whisky for #1c. Your answers to #1i-j were excellent.

    We'd love to be at your half time party if you're going to masturbate during half time. Last summer while visiting friends, Jill put on a similar show (per their request - she didn't just start wanking unsolicited). It was quite a memorable evening for all concerned. Delicious picture, by the way.

    I'm pleased with your answers to #4 and #5. Given that you are presumably not interested in American football it's only fair that you answered the questions to the best of your ability by linking to the fisting video and the masturbating video that we all loved so much. Per your request, I'm about to love these videos for the next ten minutes or so, while simultaneously loving myself. What can I say? I'm polite to a fault.


  3. as usual!! HAWT!!!
    the only sexual part in my answers was the fact I kept mispelling Bowl for Blow...
    Happy TMI!!!

  4. I love that you took these questions and made them work for you!

  5. The captain of an international soccer team? I am VERY intrigued on who it is!

  6. I like your halftime show better than mine! AND your choice of sweet & salty :D
    As usual, your answers rock!!

    ~Kazi xxx