Sunday, 30 May 2010

A week in review

Sat in bed naked and catching up on emails. Kids out for the day and hubby gone for beer as footy about to start.

16 orgasms 4 of which I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man made me cry and said id broke his heart

nobody fucked me

2 new sex toys, ben wa balls and a feeldoe

2 firsts done in this weeks therapy session

I featured in e[lust] for the first time

3 people loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
11 people loved my HNT offering

Strangest request:
to attend a party and allow everyone to eat dinner of me... now im a big girl and if you think im just lying there will everyone else gets to eat you got another thing coming!

Favorite request:
To join a naughty friend and his filthy slut, her tied up like me in this weeks therapy and surprise her.

To write for new community area and review sex toys! If there was ever a perfect job for me...

Fav blog reads this week include.. I came wanking to this filthy stuff I so get this woman, so many similarities in life What a bad bad girl she is... I want to meet for cocktails Always a pleasure and this week a delight

Have a good week peeps and dont forget to say hi when you drop by and ask me a question if you fancy, use the box on the right hand side.


  1. What is a feeldoe? I am going to be toy shopping and curious if this is a must have or not.

  2. Easiest way to describe it is a strapless strap on. I have never felt the urge to use a strap on as its so disconnected, I'd rather use a toy, so for me have something inside me that I can feel and control while penetrating my lover is amazing. I rate it x there are pics of it in last weeks posts and I used it in this weeks therapy session if you want to read the gritty detail of it. I got mine from defo the cheapest and best I've found

  3. It sure sounds like you have been a busy girl this week! Thank you for the mention!