Monday, 10 May 2010

Having what done to you is guaranteed to make you cum?

Me and my bullet are the guaranteed element but as for what turns me on so much I would say being tied up and teased. Add to that a blindfold you better put a towel down if you don't want a wet mess on the bed. Also being told I can't cum and being forced to at the same time drives me wild.

Ask me anything


  1. Penetration is ALWAYS guaranteed to make me CUM.

  2. I can't explain it...but a hot blowjob using nothing but your mouth. No hands, tits, just your mouth...and allowing me to be rough with your head when I'm FUCKING that mouth...

    Every fucking time...:)

  3. Well that sounds real do-able!

    What makes me cum? When she cums and cums and cums!