Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Therapy session #1

I was having a tough few days with life and as ever my outlet is sex.

I went to talk to a friend, he’s a therapist so who better than to talk to about what was chewing me up. We arranged a time and he got the choccy biscuits in ready. He had also offered to take a pic of me in my new shoes.

We got talking and 2 coffees later we got around to the pictures he suggested we took the pics on the bed... excellent black 5” patent leather heels should be pictured on a bed. He suggested we used a few props, some rope and a paddle.... another excellent plan.

I was nervous as I had never been naked with him even though he had seen pics of me naked and I had discussed at length some of my sexual escapades. He gave me a hug, sensing my apprehension and kissed my neck, knowing it is what turns me on the most. I removed me dress and underwear and lay before him.

We kissed passionately as his hands gentle explored my body respect the boundaries and waiting for me to invite him each step. I rolled on my side and invited him to explore me further. He reach between my thighs and cupped my sex. Taking my clit in his fingers he began to tease me. As me wetness increased he fingers began to dig deeper, more fingers each time. Within minutes I was nearing orgasm and with the addition of his attention to my breasts it tipped me over.

I asked for him to tie my ankles together with the rope. He expertly bound my ankles and thighs with the Japanese silk ropes and started to tease my clit gently, not enough to give any relief. He disappeared a moment and returned with a belt and bound my wrists tightly and slipped on a blindfold. I was aflame, whilst he is a friend I have never trusted him like this, given myself to him. I felt an amount of threat but it only added to the sensation. He then placed a silk tie in my mouth and parted my pussy lips and brought it out the other side and pulled it tight. It was to be my only means of pleasure now.

He teased and tortured my nipple, I still don’t know what he used but it felt amazing. I lay there gritting my teeth knowing if I let go of the tie I would not come. I was moving myself slowly so the silk rubbed against my clit, it was so frustrating and perfect.

I came with such a shudder,he then fucked my mouth until I was given the taste of him, we kissed and he enjoyed the after taste on my tongue knowing Id swallowed him. He untied me and enjoyed the rewards of my wetness and he fisted me so deep until I shuddered again. Time was up I had to go, I hadn’t planned the therapy to be so deep and intense! And alas it means we didn’t get to take the pictures but it gives me a great excuse to go back again.


  1. Mmmm, very hot! Where are the pictures of the shoes?

  2. Hot story, Ive always been a big proponent of "therapy".