Monday, 24 May 2010

A filthy but wonderful gentleman - part 2

Dinner was a delight, he is a domestic goddess in the kitchen and a man whore in the bedroom. As we finished dinner he apologised he hadn't made dessert but we agreed his cock made better eating. I sat at the table enjoying a post dinner cigarette and his cock.

It tasted of the built up sexual tension of the night so far, covered in precum. He took me to the bedroom and told be he needed to fuck me. Its been so long since I've fucked, I haven't allowed anyone in since HIM. I bent over the edge of the bed and he slid his ample length deep inside taking my breath away with his size. Jack started to pound me, fucking me so hard. He paused a moment and I felt him reach for something from my bag. The glass dildo was then slid into me.

The first notch slowly the second deliberate. As soon as I got my breath back he started pounding my cunt again. Every thrust pushed the glass dildo inside more. He told me one of my fantasies, one he knows I would never do but he gets what the difference is and made me think about it being done. I started to cum again so hard, making my arms and legs shake.

He whipped out the butt plug and replaced it with his huge cock. I love the feeling of him inside. Ive missed having a cock inside.

We changed positions with the ambition of me being sat on top with his cock in my ass and his fist in my but alas the dodgy knee wouldn't allow it fully, although by fucked in the ass that was feeling my wetness pour out of me over his stomach turned me on so much.

I returned to giving him oral, giving him deep throat, My head tipped over the bed letting him fuck my mouth.

I needed fucking again, I bent over the bed and he fucked me with such vigour and slapped my ass as he did so. Holding me by the throat and telling me another fantasy, telling me how he was fucking me and 6 men were stood around me watching, ready to cover me and fuck me as well. He covered my mouth as I started to cum, I came so hard again all over his cock. It felt like he was swelling inside me and then the warmth of him as he came.

God he is an amazing sexy dirty fucker **sighs**

We finally collapsed into bed after a little more debauched play and slept for a couple of hours. I was woken by his fingers probing me, then his cock entering me. We fucked as lazy spoons for a while, my fingers wanking myself as he moved inside me, both of us tender from the nights antics. We dozed off again and woke a few hours later. Lay talking about plans for the day and the enjoyment of the night previous.

I went to kiss his cock and retire to the shower but it looked so edible I thought I better eat it. I gently lapped at his cock and sucked slowly. Taking it deep and changing rhythm. Listening to him gently moan with my movements. He has such a suckable cock, its rare I get such pleasure from doing it.

We parted after a delight of a breakfast feast, fresh coffee and kisses. Promises to meet again and I can't wait for our next encounter.


  1. What a great session, clearly your therapy is paying dividends as you push the limits of that boundless insatiable sexual appetite you posess. Im so pleased that you were able to enjoy such a wonderful cock you deserve nothing less. We are going to have to expand our practical sessions if we are going to push those limits even further. Keep up the good work you are the model patient.

  2. OMG...what an incredible, hungry, fucking session.

    ...I need therapy.

  3. I need a therapist, damn it!!!!

    That is therapy that you can learn from and grow--no pun intended, but if you must!!!!


  4. @therapy...cant wait for thursday and thanks for squeezing me in yesterday *wink*

    @hedone... what can I say other than im a hungry girl

    @PY... come and join our session x

  5. tremendously exciting. takes my breath away.

    thank you.