Monday, 24 May 2010

Random facts about me - the TMI replacement

1. I have a fetish for sleep sex
2. I adore kissing and could never sleep with someone who was incompatible in kissing
3. I always wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
4. I'm shaven on the lips but keep a little hair to the front
5. I like being talked to dirty in bed but don't expect much of a reply if I'm in the zone

my bonus fact is..... im waiting a naughty delivery from with a few naughty treats! can't wait!!

Tell me if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few players....


  1. I have posted some random TMI facts, come on over and check it out.

    #5 I agree with.

  2. Very interesting shaving.

    Can't wait to hear/see the new toy.

    Check out my TMI HERE

  3. Let me put you IN your zone. You go anywhere you want from there, I'll just keep offering my own dirt mouth.