Sunday, 23 May 2010

A filthy but wonderful gentleman... part one

Its rare that 2 such people collide. He is a rare breed,Jack, cultured, intelligent, witty, sexy as hell and a deviant. I got back in touch with Jack a few weeks ago and we decided we should meet again. Our previous encounters have been amazing, creative and sexually ground breaking on most occasions.

I arrived at 6.45 after a long day at work. He has wonderful urban wharehouse style apratment in the heart of Edinburgh. I was greeted by him at the door, his eyes still as striking and his smile captivating, he grabbed my bags and I followed him upstairs. Within seconds of being in his company it was like the 10 months had not past since we last saw each other.

I had packed cosmo's, we normally meet at Harvey Nicks for them but since I was driving I figured we could enjoy them still. We chatted, kissed and teased for some an hour or so. The conversation turned to the blog and he was intrigued and enjoyed a quick view of it. I disapeared to the bathroom to shower and dress for the night. Whilst in the shower he also changed and put on something a tad south of naughty. I was dress in a black slip, fence net stockings and heels, perched on the end of the latex covered bed upon his return.

I was unpacking my toy bag, he wanted me to go through it with him and tell him about my experiences recently with the exlover. He was interested in what we had been doing with the pegs and ribbons. I lay down and he started to play with me. He attached the pegs to my pussy lips and then tied the ribbons to my thighs so I was totally exposed to him. He began to lick me, suckling on my clit that was vunrable and ready for him. He reached for my speculum and opened me up then continued to lick. He brought me to a wondeful shuddering orgasm and then joined me further up the bed. He also had pegs in his naughty bag and he began to attach them accross my breasts. I have never done this before and it was amazing. I have senstive breasts and the stimulation sent my through the roof.

He had told me earlier in the evening that he wasnt going to get his cock out for a while, I was aching for it and he knew it, he has the most amazing monster of a cock and it is beautiful (as cocks go).

He untied me and led me to the lounge where he had covered his sofa with another latex sheet. I knelt and presented me ass and cunt to him. He wanted to fist me as he knew it made me gush and squirt. His lubed hand slid into me with reletive ease and he started fisting me. A few fingers then entered my ass and before long I could feel the pressure of his whole hand trying to enter me. He partially removed the other hand and pushed a little deeper into me, then returned he other hand into my cunt. He repeated this until my ass gave in and drew him inside me, I gushed instantly. Hearing it clatter of the latex sheet was so sexy.

I came so hard and remained in that state while he double fisted me. It was a first for him. It was wonderful for me. I was shuddering for a few minutes when we had finished.

Its funny how we can go from one extreme to another and it fits so well. I was sat in the kitchen sipping Proseco enjoying great conversation and swapping cooking tips, however if you were to view this moment I was half naked, breats hanging freely sat on bar stool in stockings and heels, he was in latex gear with his peach of an ass exposed.

So much more to tell but im off to bed, trying to catch up on Friday nights lack of sleep. I will post more tomorrow and show you a little more of what we did, I shall leave you with an image of what I had for dessert.


  1. What a time! And still more to tell? You're a very very lucky woman. :)


  2. we had hardly started the debauched fun by then x

  3. Crikey woman! That was one hell of a session ;-)

  4. I just love reading about your adventures, always wanting that to happen to me..

  5. lovely memories x