Friday, 7 May 2010

what does he need to do to earn this?

Sent to me by my admirer

A reward from my princess - tell me in the comments what he needs to do to be rewarded.

As I lay down before thee, my nakedness growing all the time with anticipation, pleasures whirling around my body, senses on fire awaiting your approval, your touch.

On my back, I look up to see the beauty before me, over me, tempting my eyes with your fine stockinged legs astride me, stood tall with fabulous breasts delighting me, daring me to touch. Anything. After what seems an eternity, your silky legs bend and sit over my excitement, I feel the touch of silk, moist panties at the base of my length, pushing my aching balls down, then the warm glow as you slide up to m throbbing swollen glans, roughly pushing down from atop, if only there was no silk between us, I should dare to push upwards to enter thy temple, but alas, no joy, as I begin to feel a hot stream flow down and around me, my end straining against the material block, I swear I am nearly within you, perhaps my end is, pushing panties inwards also, as the golden stream begins to cover my balls and pulsing erection, and now slowly standing up you’re moving up my body, I can see the beautiful droplets glistening as they fall to cover my body, hot streams running all down me, the hot followed by the chill, working up my body, sharp high heels scraping the side of my ribcage, by chance, I think not, drawing blood, stinging as the golden shower slowly spreads into the fresh shallow wound.

And upwards still. Covering my chin and running down around my ears, you are so close now I want to reach up and grab that powerful figure, sink my teeth into the depths of you, now my hair all matted to my brow, few droplets falling now, heat subsiding as I look up and enjoy the wet gusset approaching my face, sliding up and down my face, the odours so strong of your sex and sweet release, my face ridden like a huge glans, wanting to fully enter, tasting the sensual mixture seep through the panties as you settle over my mouth, taking a nibble at the lips bulging through the fine silk, taking silk into my mouth, sucking, swallowing, and biting down as you start to stand, slowly, your panties held firm, your body erect, my face covered in your wet panties.

As your glistening pussy hovers over me, I now need to touch, to taste, to drink from you, following your beckoning hand I raise onto all fours and move to near where you have sat, close enough to inhale deep odours of you, the edge of the chair, legs spread wide and inviting, your pleasure will be my pleasure.

As my head is pulled towards you, I feel sharp heels dig into my back, and I can wait no longer, I see your clitoris beckoning me towards it, showing itself swollen and in need of attention as I take it between my lips and suck, come to me my princess.


  1. Wow! I think what you've described is reward enough for any one, especially me. Anyway, he really needs to do some spectacular things with his mouth in you, and he better have an erection that lasts a few hours!

  2. One more thing, and I know she's enjoy this... Sit at the edge of the bed, or in a chair while she's on the sofa. Make her be naked. Now...make her hurt herself a bit. You'll tell if she's doing so. My fav is having her slap her own pussy...hard, quickly and continuously...until she can find an orgasm. This one, I'll wager, can do it. MAKE her do it good. You can interrupt anytime you like for your own pleasure.

    How's that sound to you?