Monday, 17 May 2010

What would you like to explore next with your therapist he is clearly very talented in his field!!

Im loving the bondage play and have been thinking I would like to be hog tied by him. We havent had sex and I'm also enjoying that, even though I ache for it I like the abstaining and I also think I can't get my head around it not being HIM, the ex lover, inside me.

I did have a quick session with the Therapist on Friday, greeted with coffee and chocolate and him wearing a rather sexy set of Transperanzi stockings and panties. I was sat at the table and he kissed me while pinching my nipples so hard I winced and moaned. I had my period so I had made the boundaries know before hand. I don't mind blood sports but not for a quick play or with a new partner. He pushed his arm across my throat in my mind I was tied to the chair and i couldnt move as he massaged my clit. I came. I stood up and bent over the table he fingered my ass while rubbing my clit again until my legs buckled as I came again. I sat down and sucked him then offered my breasts to him to cum on.

Finished the choclate kisses and left! Can't wait for next time.

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  1. I love the abstaining, frogtied for you my dear I think, while I eat some chocolate from you....

  2. frog tied! that should make for a fun picture!!! i wonder if I can get green stockings at short notice x