Sunday, 23 May 2010

A week in review

over 20 orgasms lost count and probably nearer 30

2 men kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man ate chocolate out of me

2 men made me cry

1 man fucked me and 1 man agreed not to fuck me, just adore and abuse me

1 person loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
3 people loved my HNT offering

Did I do bad this week with the pics or did you just admire silently?

Strangest request:
A TV/TS asked if he/she could clean my house every week for free... so tempted!

Favorite request:
To meet have dinner and spoon ... yes please

Fav blogs this week for so many reasons

Therapy session booked for later this week!!

Be good and don't forget to stop by and add comment... and ask me a question if you fancy!


  1. Somehow my year hasn't been as good as your week. I guess I must strive for a little bit
    So may I ask if the 20-30 orgasms were brought on all from other people or also your integrated masturbation???

  2. 6 I gifted to myself, 13 from the therapist and the rest from the filthy but wonderful gent... i lost count in the delirious pleasure.

  3. My wkend made up for my crappy week but I'm still not sure it was as good as yours! *whew*

    I'm sure everyone was admiring your pictures from afar bc they were awesome pics.....

    (and *squee* I was one of your favorite blogs?! Thank you! *grins*)


  4. I wish I were the guys in all of those items!