Monday, 3 May 2010

The sex party - part 2

We got back to the apartment and poured drinks for everyone. J sent me to change, I had a cute black see through baby doll and stockings to put on. he loved to see me in it. He stripped to his whities and led me to the lounge, lay me back on the sofa and parted my thighs. he gives such good oral.

Before long I was kissing Ann, a beautiful woman, in her late 40's. Se was blonde, amazing figure and delicious pert breasts. J stopped licking and Ann took his place. One of the other girls sat astride my face. It was so hard to concentrate on doing anything, Ann was so amazing with her tongue and fingers, she had me on the edge in minutes. She stopped and suggested us ladies head to the bedroom. Me and Ann 69'd while the other woman licked her from behind. J and G (ann's husband) joined us to watch. I have to add they had stopped at the kitchne on the way and made a pile of toast and tea, you would of been mistaken that the cricket was about to start!

I got ann on the edge and started to work my fingers inside her, she had been teasing me. Without saying anything we both new it was time to push each other over the edge. We both came so hard and squirted on each other. It was amazing. We then took the other woman lay her on the bed and made her centre of attention.

We took turns licking her and sucking at her breasts. The guys were so aroused by now and led us back into the main room where we discovered people fucking everywhere. It was amazing.

J knows I wont go with just anyone so he kept the rear guard so to speak. Ann asked if I would suck her husband. I obliged. It there was one thing I deserve a medal for in life its my oral skills. I do give good head. I also give good deep throat. Within seconds he was telling his wife to video me for later. J began pounding me as I sucked G. It was amazing feeling. Ive only done this once before but was too drunk to appreciate it fully then. This time I was so aroused by it. Knowing that the room was watching me, 16 men and women wanking or fucking while seeing me get it both ends. It truly was empowering. Believe it or not I have a low self esteem and I'd worried I'd be the fat ugly one nobody would want instead I had the pick. I came again and G shot his load on me. Ann took my hand and lead me to the shower.

We kissed and washed each other for ages. it was so intimate and delicate we then fell on the bed wet and wanked each other teasing each other until we couldnt hold back any more. It was 5am when Ann and her hubby left. Me and J continued to party until rudely stopped by a fire alarm and we had to run down stairs. You could see the staff must of know what we had been doing the way the looked. I think they had hoped more were still left at the party when they did the fire test.


  1. YOU, honey, are such a good girl. Every bit the host and the object, the fucker and the fucked. THAT'S what a woman is supposed to be, in my book.

    How I wish...:)

  2. Sounds like fun Post the damn video!

  3. The perfect host in my book... Loving your HNT posts as well!!! Look forward to seeing more.

  4. What a great party and to find yourself the center of attention. You deserve it.