Monday, 17 May 2010

A week in review x

The new shoes seem to of caught the imagination and thanks for the posts and sexy emails x

17 orgasms 5 of which I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man tied me up and adored me (and gave me therapy)

1 man bought me chocolate because I had a bad day

2 men asked for my number just because

nobody fucked me.... my choice 2 people wanted to

4 people loved my OHNT pic the-otherhnt
15 people loved my HNT offering

Strangest request:
actually the most annoying request was from an old friend to meet him and watch him wank???? why would i do that?

Favorite request:
An old friend, the filthy but wonderful gentlemen asked to meet me in Harvey Nichols for cocktails, booking my train ticket. He also sent a verification note for my profile....

Yummy is a deliciously decadent and extremely entertaining lady in public, and fabulously filthy fun in private. She's also imaginative, interesting and indefatigable, so if you're lucky enough to engage her attention, remember to take your vitamins and have lots of sleep before you meet her... You won't get any when you do!

this made me smile... mines a caphrini xx

Therapy session booked for later this week!!


  1. Bottle and sell this attitude. My, my...:)

  2. I think I can understand why that old friend wants to see you watch him wank - your pictures have a similar effect on me ;)