Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ben Wa balls..... mmmmmm

The delivery has arrived with my new toys from!!I was so excited as soon as I got home headed straight to the toilet and unpacked the lelo luna beads. I didnt waste any time and stuffed them straight inside me and returned to my evening duties. I had finished work early to do the housework and I must add that the Ben Wa balls buried deep inside me made the house work fun!

I bought the beads for 4 reasons:-

1, Ability to crush a mans cock with vaginal muscles alone. Its great to be able to sit on top, not move an inch and milk him.

2, Having endured child birth twice I want the continued ability to laugh, sneeze and cough without accident!

3, As a fan of being fisted I don't want it to adversely effect how tight I feel

4. Just being damn naughty and feeling touched from within while doing the most mundane chores or work meetings.

So far fav things to do while wearing lelo luna beads:

1. Yoga

2. Ironing

3. Driving over speed bumps

4. Going downstairs

5. Running on the wii fit

6. And my super fav household chore is now the vacuuming!!

I was so aroused and as you can see from the picture I was soaking wet.

I haven't allowed myself to cum as yet and I'm saving myself for tomorrow afternoon. I have to add this is a tall order as I have just delivered a training course for 7 hours, walking around feeling them stir inside me. I so need to cum. And I'm off to dance class so that should be fun!

Seeing the sex therapist tomorrow... any suggestions on this treat for him???? other than a gag and lots of lube!


  1. They are pretty and Lelo does make excellent toys. Hmmmm ... vacuuming with ben-wa balls. Might make the chore more interesting. I'm gonna give it a try! ;)

  2. So at last they have arrived, looks like we are going to have a very theraputic session. This will be a wonderful switch session which is an area we have talked about.
    I wonder if the readers have any other suggestions for areas that need expanding upon?

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  4. Too hot! I just love to hear women ejoying their toys!