Thursday, 20 May 2010

Therapy session #3

I turned up a few minutes late and greeted by my therapist, we chatted briefly over coffee about my week and decided to talk while taking pictures. This weeks HNT has a theme as its 5 tomorrow. We needed to replicate my first submission, mine was only a few months ago but it was fun redoing the picture. I lay on the bed, still partially clothed as he took the pictures. I was getting aroused as he positioned me and took the shots.

When he finished he joined me on the bed and kissed me, trailing his fingers over me. Suddenly he got up and told me to undress. I took everything off except my panties and heels and returned to the bed. He placed the blind fold on and put ear plugs in. Until you have experienced this you will never understand the power of sensory deprivation. Suddenly every touch is amplified. I cant hear him move around the room. Each touch is like static electricity to me. I dont know what he is going to do. Something soft is trailed over me then a sharp sting on my mound. it was the paddle. it trailed over me again so gently but i was waiting for the next sting. He teased me with his breath over me, knowing i wanted kisses.

I was aching for his hands between my thighs, he knew and pleased me. He massaged my clit until I came, the first of many.

He moved away, his next touch was his hands holding my ankle, the silk rope felt so wonderful as he kissed and nibbled at my ankles while tying me. He hogtied me ensure I was able to part my thighs enough for him to access me.

He slipped his fingers inside me, opening me up, pushing harder each time. I was so wet his hand entered my forming a fist inside. fingers were pressing against my g spot and when in a few minutes i started cuming. As the juices flowed out of me his other fingers rubbed my clit. I seemed to be in a constant state of cuming.

He stopped a moment and a light sting on my bottom was enjoyed and again... gentle spanking me. a sharp sting on my nipples came a shock as a peg was attached, then pegs were placed on my pussy lips, 4 i think, I was dizzy not knowing where he was and what was coming next. He pushed open my legs and held my clit in his mouth, sucking it and licking it, making it swell and throb, then came another peg right on my clit. It took my breath away, it felt like my body was plug into the mains. he untied my ankles and removed the peg and began licking me to another peak.

This time his fingers were exploring both holes. i felt some cold enter me, then ebb away, my body heat took it quickly. he then stepped away not knowing where he was. The next touch was him opening my mouth and stuffing his cock in. I was hungry for and sucked hard. he held my head and fucked my mouth until i could take no more. I lay back on the bed catching my breath, the mystery of what had been cold was then solved... today's chocolate, half melted and covered in my cum, he smeared the melted remains over my face and then kissed me.

His hands parted my thighs again and explored both holes each time pushing more in and deeper. He licked at my clit and distracted me from his hands forcing their way into me. I began to cum again this time so hard, i was writhing in ecstasy as he pushed both hands inside finally. I was so full. I kept cuming, my hole body was shaking and trembling.

He removed himself and stepped away. I was then on all fours with him fisting my cunt so hard and deep, I was gushing down my legs as he filled me.

I collapsed onto the bed in a quivering next touch was to be his cum jetted over my face.

He untied me and held me as lay trembling still. He took me to the shower and held me as he washed me, telling it had been the most intense and wonderful sex session he had ever enjoyed.

We sat sipping coffee for a while after reviewing the pictures, talking of the next time, discussing a fantasy of mine and agreeing that we shall continue without penetration.


  1. Are there any more at home like you???...:)

  2. im afraid in a one off Ron, beside the world couldnt cope with any more x

  3. Oh wow.. yes! I adore fisting. *sighs* lovely session.;)

  4. Do you know how long since I masturbated while reading a blog? Thank you for arousing me so...