Friday 5 February 2016

Day Two – Cap d’Agde – The Magic Rug!!!

Over the years we have been going to the beach we have tried all kinds of different ways of stopping the sand entering where we don’t want it to and it had so far been a fruitless endeavour.

There was originally the traditional beach towel, which is of course terrible, crumples up, sand sticks it and is impossible to wash on a daily basis, so that was only used for day one of year one.

Then we upgraded to the straw mat, which while easier to clean up at the end of the day and doesn’t crumple still lets sand in through the gaps and was just destroyed by the end of the week.

So on to year two and we upgrade again to the plastic carrier bag style mat that even has the luxury of blow up head rests and so far it had been the winner in the longevity stakes lasting us through years two and three, but sadly still let in sand through the gaps and once again had to make its way to the dumpster as it just couldn’t handle the ‘demands’ that were place upon it.

So then, the real game changer….as we were to later discover for enjoying great beach sex is the CGear Sand Free Mat. It’s a bit of an investment, multiple times what it costs for your standard mat, but man, does it pay back with a great return on investment. This thing is solid, we can see that it is going to last, it is a good size for the two of us…..and we even had friends join us on it from time to time, we are sure you will be shocked and surprised to hear!!!!

So then, why is it so good? See the video below and it does work in real life testing as it says and as the video shows. Any sand appears on the mat and you just pat the area around it and the sand disappears through it and best of all, nothing comes up from the underneath, it’s one way traffic only, all going down….perfect!!!!

So this sounds all well and good, which it certainly is, but the difference in beach experience over the course of the day and at the end is significant. With sun lotion on, your body is a little sticky and has a tendency to pick up any loose materials i.e. sand, and stay there forever, but because there is no sand on your mat, less sand ends up on your hands and body. Also, at the end of the day, whenever we have returned to our apartment, traditionally it has been a careful walk through to the shower that is invariably located right at the back of the apartment to try to minimise the level of sand that we are going to drop from us onto the tiled floor and then it takes an age to rub off all of the sand that has accumulated on us over the day. Not now, far less sand on us and the end of day shower is so much easier.

And tomorrow I’ll be reviewing a few power tools and food blenders, judging what I feel to be the best ones. No, only joking, don’t worry, YSL isn’t turning the HeelnStocking blog into a non sex product comparison site, but we did feel that this mat deserves special attention as it is just so good!!! Back to the fucking tomorrow, promise!!

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