Saturday 13 February 2016

Day Four - Cap d'Agde - An evening with friends

Another morning of sunshine, freshly baked bread and an afternoon of relaxed sensual enjoyment at the beach.

We return to the apartment promptly today and no requirement to make dinner as we have a date tonight!! We have plans to meet with our German friends who we met last year and got on very well with and then bumped in to on the beach again this year. 

They join us at our apartment and following their suggestion we all agree to have dinner at the pizzeria in Port Ambonne, which is just a short walk from our place, through the park and then across the road.

We arrive at the restaurant, it would appear, at just the right time as we are seated straight away, but it doesn't take long for a queue to form shortly afterwards. The restaurant is situated in the shopping area of Port Ambonne with service from a kitchen window and the seating area being picnic tables in front of it. We slide down to our designated section for eating, order, drink wine and enjoy conversation and good company. 

We have a very enjoyable time at the restaurant and now it is time to depart. The short five-minute walk back to our place, albeit slightly more unsteady this time following the effects of good French wine and we take advantage of the warm summer evening by continuing chatting and drinking at our patio table. Of course, there is lots of sexual discussion which can only lead to us all getting reacquainted a little more intimately so we retire into the cooler air conditioned atmosphere of our apartment and start kissing and stroking each other’s partners. 

Our German male friend is certainly virile and has a solid erection very early on whilst our female friend is a wonderful curvaceous lady with delightful breasts, thighs and a wonderful bottom. Quite a rarity for us too, she is also unshaved, which they comment upon later and ask our opinion, and of course we have no issues with this whatsoever. We have music playing in the background and the temperature of sensuality rises as we move from exploring, to caressing, sucking, licking and then ultimately sexual union. 

It was a good night with good company and only the second time that we have ever shared a meal with a couple that we have had the pleasure of sexually enjoying, so quite a rare experience for us. 

Exhaustion and the lateness of the evening finally takes its toll and we have to say our goodbyes as they are moving on tomorrow. 

It was such a surprise to see them again this year and a pleasure to catch up with them....if only to be reminded of the classic phrase "Me??? I'm not guilty!!"


  1. Wonderful,
    Sorry our comment comes late, i am guilty

  2. Oh , i forgot, greetings from J

  3. Hey guys!!!! Good to hear from you and hope that all is well with you both, you sexy pair :-)

    Hallo Leute!!!! Gut, von Ihnen zu hören und hoffen, dass alles in Ordnung ist mit euch beiden, du sexy Paar :-)

    (Blame Google Translate if this is all wrong...your English is far superior to my non existent German)

    1. Hey you sexy Lady,
      perhaps we see us again at the Cap in the first week of September or maybe you got a conference in Düsseldorf; -)