Wednesday 10 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Day Three - Sex on the Beach

Monday, and we wake at about 9:30. As always there is dull light in the apartment at first due to the shutter being down over the patio windows to stop the bright light entering and waking us up too early. We turn to each other, cuddle, press our bodies against each other and say hello to each other through deep and passionate kisses. 

We want to make the most of the day and we are feeling good and refreshed following the more (relatively) relaxed day yesterday. I press the button next to the patio doors to allow the shutters to be opened and as they draw up, the super bright sunlight streams into the room. As always, it is difficult to adjust from the dullness to the clarity of bright sunshine coming from the cloudless sky, however the warmth that also comes with it following the coolness of the air conditioning feels so good on the naked body.

Sarongs on, money in our purse, Yummy with her little shopping bag and we are off for our traditional little walk to the boulangerie for fresh bread and croissants. I always like doing this, walking hand in hand with Yummy, the start of the day and going to do something together where we both know we will come back with good things to share and enjoy.

We enjoy another great French breakfast in the sun on our patio and whilst I clear up, Yummy makes our sandwiches for the beach. 1pm and we are packed, sunscreened and looking forward to a great day on the sands. Following our through village and shoreline walk, we arrive 30 minutes later at the swingers section of Cap d’Age. Although we know where it is, it is always helpfully marked by the two ice cream stalls that are located on the shoreline right in the central section of the ‘fun part of the beach’. 

It’s early, so we have the pick of where to set up with lots of open spaces between those who are already there. We have found that we like to be furthest away from the shore, near the dunes as we can then simply look towards the sea for things of interest as we have found in the past that there can sometimes be the most erotic of goings on right behind us that we hadn’t even noticed. 

Mat down, brolly up and beers in each of our hands….perfect. 

An hour or two goes by and of course the beach gradually fills up, but then, who should happen to walk by, but the lovely German couple that we met (and enjoyed) last year. It is absolutely amazing that for such a large area, high numbers of people there and at a random time, you can either see those who you recognise from previously (such as ‘Andy’ from Sept 11 andJul 12)  or even better, those who you have properly met and spoken too.

All four of us are excited to see each other and we chat, catch up and enjoy the surroundings of the beach for a couple of hours together. They are busy tonight with a commitment that they have made, however we do make plans to meet on the Tuesday evening, which we all look forward to.

By now it is after 4pm, the sun is shining, the beach is full and more explicit open air sex has
commenced. Around us, women are sucking their mens cocks, women are lying on the sand, legs pulled back and their men fucking them, some are being taken doggy style and we are lying side by side, spooning, whilst my firm erection penetrates Yummy and we take in the erotic delights around us.

Of course, now and again the crowds gather in circles to watch some groups.

It is just a joy to be part of this most unusual gathering of likeminded people and the experience of openly fucking on a public beach whilst those around do likewise, watch, masturbate or merely continue to read their magazines and newspapers is such a privilege.

The sun starts to go down, it’s 6:30pm and people are starting to head back home. 

We do likewise knowing that there is plenty more to look forward to today. Another great meal, wine and an erotic evening out……

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