Wednesday 17 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Evening Five - 2 et 2 spa

It was quite a wild afternoon at the Mousse Party so this evening we decide that we would like to have an indulgent evening in our favourite place that is just so relaxing and chilled out, so it can only be the 2 et 2spa, which we have visited and enjoyed a number of times

Another wonderful meal with wine on the patio and a freshen up with a smart but casual dress style for us to walk through the village as once we get there we know that it will be towels only.

It is just a short walk for us from our Helio Village to 2 et 2 which is located in Port Ambonne. As always, we enter the main door, are greeted and make entrance payment and are given our towels at reception and then buzzed through to the changing area. Clothes off, safely tucked into our locker, towels on and we enter the spa through the metal chain curtain and into the bar area. Due to the heat it is best to go with non-alcoholic drinks here, so it is two sparkling
waters and we take our places in the flawless white seating area. We do a little people watching and make small talk between ourselves, once again enjoying the luxury of being together in an unrushed environment where there is no pressure at all upon us.

As always, the atmosphere is calming with chilled out music being played unobtrusively in the background. We decide to explore further so move from our seats past the back seating and
small enclosures through to the large raised bedding area. Nothing has changed, it is still a large raised cushioned area with couples and groups completely naked just enjoying being in the environment and lying back, stroking each other, fellating their partner or having slow and noiseless full sex. We find an empty space, lie down next to each other and just as we would in private at home, kiss passionately and explore each other’s bodies. I quickly become erect and Yummy is absolutely soaking wet between her thighs. Our lips continue to stay locked whilst our tongues reach in to each other’s mouths and we mutually masturbate each other. Yummy wants me to be inside her and we want to stay in the mood of the low tempo of the spa, so she turns around so that we can spoon and my firm erections enters that warm wonderful cunt straight away. I slowly slide in and out of Yummy’s delicious vagina all of the while we are taking in the wonderful scene of erotica that is around us. It all becomes too much for Yummy and I can feel her walls tightly squeezing around my cock, which signals that her cumming will not be far away. The inevitable happens, juices soak my cock and balls, her thighs tighten, her breathing becomes more laboured and her head drops down as she reaches climax, all of the while I continue to just slowly thrust in and out of her.

We continue on with lots of close and intimate body worship with each other, licking, sucking, stroking and teasing. After a period, we agree to see what is happening in Histoires d’O, which is the side of the spa that isn’t couple exclusive. We press the buzzer for the door that separates the two sections of the spa and are let through. There are quite a few single guys in on this side, but as is usual here, they are not oppressive like single guys in UK clubs, they are all relaxed, non-intimidating and appear to be quite content to simply sit around and take in their surroundings. We slowly wander through past the pool, seating areas, private rooms and to the end where there is a lounge, bar and flat screen silently showing hard core porn. We take seats at the bar and order another two sparkling waters. It is the spa owner serving behind the bar who is talking to male patron. Surprisingly the owner is English and he is talking about the business and plans for opening another spa in another part of France.

We finish our drinks and make our way back through to the partition door. We buzz, are let through and then we are back in the couples side. Next stop is the Jacuzzi pool. The pool is in a self-contained room and we find it empty on our arrival. We take the steps up to enter the pool and find a nice spot in the corner near to the fountain that continuously pours water into the pool. After the full on party of the afternoon, it is a welcome relief to be in a public space, but without anyone else there and we talk, kiss and stroke each other. Another couple join us in the pool, we simply smile to acknowledge them and make them feel welcome and reassure them that they are not interrupting anything and like us, they talk and kiss, wrapped up in each other.

We are not really in the mood for the heat intensity of the steam room which adjoins the Jacuzzi room, so after the pool we opt for long, warm showers in the open plan shower section that is directly in front of the pool. The fresh water feels wonderful streaming down our bodies and the addition of the smooth pebbled flooring under our feet provides a lovely contoured feel.

We towel down, come out of the pool room and turn left with the intention of finishing off with mutual appreciation on the raised platform area and we are surprised to see that the room is completely empty. What has happened, where did everyone go?? We go through to the bar and all is revealed as it is now 1:45am and the spa closes at 2am. We just hadn’t realised that is was so late, we assumed it was about midnight or 12:30 at the latest. All is shows is what a good night and enjoyable night it has been with the time simply running away far more quickly than we had appreciated.

Into the changing room, clothes on, towels returned and we head back outside. After a number of hours in such a relaxed environment, it is always somewhat jarring to go back out into the community as almost directly opposite there is a bar that stays open late and is always blasting out music to all who are in the vicinity, which is somewhat of a contrast to the low volume low tempo music we have been enjoying in the background in the spa. However, we have to accept this as part of village life and after all, we have had our fair share of high tempo nights out.

It is a short walk back to the apartment. The air conditioning is as welcoming as always, we share final drinks together and retire for another night.

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