Thursday 4 February 2016

Day Two, Cap d'Adge…part 1

The continuation of Cap d’Adge 2014…
Wow, a full day on the Saturday, so it’s time to kick back and relax for day two on the Sunday.
As is traditional in France, it is always fresh baked goods from the boulangerie, so after a late wake up of around 10:30, we gather ourselves together….after morning greetings of hugs and cuddles of course, we head out in search of fresh orange juice, croissants and bread for the day. We fully dress as appropriate, i.e. a wrap each and off we go shopping. It is always so pleasant at the boulangerie with the smell of fresh bread constantly baking and the cheerful personalities of the servers. We order deux blonde baguettes s’il vous plait and we are handed two ‘still warm’ sticks of bread that smell delightful!!!!

Back at the house, together we make a wonderful breakfast of bread, French butter and wonderful jams along with some heavenly Grandmere coffee and enjoy the feast on our terrace….naked of course!!!

Following a little bask in the sun, as the time is now heading towards 1pm, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the beach. So we clear the breakfast table and now on to the task of packing for the beach…but this year, following three years’ experience, we have a new item to test out… and it didn’t even come from a sex shop….although it turned out that it enhanced our frisky activities no end……

More tomorrow. Comments over the next 24 hours about what this beach item could be are very welcome!!!

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