Monday 8 February 2016

Cap d’Agde – Day Two – The evening

Back in the apartment and straight into the wetroom shower that we have for each of us. With the magic of the CGear, showering is a much quicker and less frustrating experience than previously as there is only a fraction of the sand on each of us that we have had in previous years, so quickly out again and ready to make dinner. Outside, it is absolutely torrential rain, but still warm and we have a canopy covering the near section of our patio garden, so can still eat naked at our table outdoors. 

We prepare dinner together, the heavenly smell of fresh garlic in the background whilst we drink red wine, enjoy music and work as a perfect team to create our meal all from fresh French ingredients.
Meal over and after a full day yesterday, we both decide that a little “lie down” is in order prior to heading out for the evening. Even though we have spent 48 hours together by this point, it is the first time that we have had leisurely, relaxed time with each other as previously we were either preparing for something, travelling or doing something that had external stimulus, but this feels good and comforting to simply be able to focus on each other, hold each other close and appreciate each other.
We are naked on the bed together, kissing, holding each other close and slowly touching each other. My hand moves down to between Yummy’s thighs and her juices are already streaming out of her. She gasps, I smile, then I part her vaginal lips with two finger to expose her clit. It is firm and thick and I stop for a moment to enjoy the width of it between my two fingers. 
Yummy moves her hand down to hold my erection and then I start to masturbate her clit, rubbing the hood up and down just as if it were a small cock and it just keeps growing whilst Yummy takes short gasps of breath and masturbates me mutually. Within minutes Yummy’s thighs tighten together and she is coming, holding me tight whilst our lips are locked in a deep kiss. Her mouth quickly pulls away from mine and said says, “I need your cock in me”. I remain laid by her side, move down a little and Yummy raises one thigh so that I can slip under and place my firm erection inside her. I still have my arms tightly around Yummy as I love to feel her so close to me and I just slowly slip in and out of her delicious hole that is soaked with hot juice and feels incredible when I am completely inside her with my balls pressed right up against her lips.

I move one hand down and slowly start to masturbate her clit as my cock continues its steady rhythm in and out. Yummy moans “Oh my god!!”, calls my name and within a matter of seconds has her walls tightening around my cock and then sending a torrent of juices all over me. 

We finish with Yummy asking me to shoot my hot cum inside her and basking in the warm glow of cuddles and exhaustion.

It is now around 9pm and we know that we couldn’t take a night of clubbing, so we agree to peruse the bars of the village, with a particular view to try Johnny Wokkers as many on FabSwingers have given it high praise due to it being an English speaking majority bar and apparently a good place to meet and chat with swingers. 

We dress, we finish our wine and we leave the apartment for the evening. It’s relatively early in the evening in Cap d’Agde terms, so many people are still in the numerous restaurants that are absolutely packed rather than in the bars, so even Melrose is reasonably quiet at this time. We make our way to Johnny Wokkers and it is a nice, compact bar situated in the underpass section near Port Nature. Pints are ordered and we take our seats. There doesn’t appear to be much mixing between couples/groups who are in there, although the atmosphere is pleasant enough. Nobody really takes our fancy in there and we want to make the best of the week rather than feel tired every evening, so we drink up and retire to the welcome air conditioning of our apartment.

Sleep beckons and we look forward to another day of Mediterranean nakedness tomorrow.

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