Monday 15 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Day Five - Le Glamour - Mousse Party

Another glorious morning and another fun filled day to look forward to.

We do love the beach as there is nowhere else like it in the world, however since we learnt of the delights of the Mousse Parties in Year Two, we always had to have at least one visit there, and as they are daytime events, sadly the beach has to take a back seat.

Another great French breakfast, a little light tidying of the apartment, lying in the sun on our patio, delicious lunch and then it is time to head for the Mousse!!!! Very little preparation required for the Mousse as the dress code is completely nude, so it’s just a sarong for comfort along with flip flops and money to gain entry and buy drinks…that’s it.
We arrive at about 2:15pm, what little clothing and footwear we have is handed over at the cloakroom and all we are left with is our waterproof box on our wrist housing a few euros. We are straight in and as previously it is a wonderful atmosphere. A daytime club with a huge Jacuzzi pool, loungers and bed areas with couples ‘relaxing’, a dancefloor and excellent pumping tunes.

It is early and no-one is on the dancefloor and the Mousse hasn’t started yet, so like many others we opt for the pool. It is warm, the bubbles feel great and the sights around us of completely nude people with some pleasuring their partners is completely hedonistic and we know it will be another great afternoon.

We look to our right and up on the loungers deck just up from the pool, we spot ultimo plastic surgery girl again (from the club onSaturday night) who still look as striking as ever in her own unique way and she is certainly garnering attention from a number of people there whilst her male partner looks very happy with himself. We meanwhile just drink in the sensuality of the surroundings and enjoy each other with regular deep kisses.

After a period enjoying the open air pool and the sun streaming down on us, we spot that the Mousse has started to be delivered from the sky on to the dancefloor. Nobody is making a move there, so Yummy and I (as is often the case) decide that someone has to be first and it is going to be us. We walk down to the dance/mousse floor and just let the bubbles envelope us as we start moving to the music. The bubbles completely cover us and feel so warm around us and even though we are the only ones up, it doesn’t matter as nobody can see us and we can’t see anyone else.
Over the course of a couple more tracks, more join us and the party moves up a gear. It really is an amazing place and atmosphere as everyone is just so chilled, happy and smiling, we have not known any other place like this. More join the dance area and the mousse is now calming down, it is at a more manageable chest level so we can see all around us and it is busy. Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes are around us and sliding against us as we dance, with the odd occasional cheeky hands explicitly rubbing our genitals. Then…..the DJ gives our the familiar call that we have all been waiting for, “Here come tha Mousse!!!” and with that, more bubbles rain down on us completely covering everyone and likely the top of the bubbles being a few feet above our heads. As always, this is when the overt sexuality really commences on the dancefloor. People are pressing up against us, rubbing their bodies up and down us and unfamiliar hands reach out to masturbate us. It is so euphoric and no advances by or from anyone are unwelcome. There is a bar to one side of the floor
and we move across to it. We kiss deeply against the bar and then I motion for Yummy to turn around and bend over it. She does and my erection goes directly into her soaking cunt. All around us, people are dancing and teasing each other whilst our obvious doggy style fucking over the bar is simply seen as a normal part of the environment. Yummy cums and I keep my firm cock rested inside of her whilst she recovers. I lean over her, kissing her back and eventually she slowly rises, turns to me and we hold each other and kiss. Dancing and fucking over a bar has taken its toll on us so we retire to stock up on drinks and relax.
Beers in hand each, we sit and enjoy the sexuality that now surrounds us. The dancefloor is full, as is the pool and couples are predominantly now either fucking or sucking each other….it is absolute heaven here.

Energy levels restored, we return to the pool. Plastic surgery girl is now in her full stride fucking her partner. As she is on a higher level, we have an excellent vantage point to watch. He is lying on his back on a lounger as she is astride him and riding up and down his cock with her perfect arse cheeks spread wide apart. Even her arsehole is a perfect colour and shape…nothing has been left to chance there. She then moves across to the man on the next lounger along and he is provided with the same treatment, and so it goes on for the next man along too. She works her way back along, fucking three guys one after another.

Alongside from us in the pool there is a foursome made up of two couples. The two women are sitting on the edge of the pool whilst their men have their faces deeply buried between their thighs. This seems such a great idea that I suggest Yummy does likewise. What a feeling, drinking Yummy’s juices and enjoying her highly aroused cunt in the sun, with people all around, whilst I am kneeling in a warm Jacuzzi, my face buried in the most wonderful place that I know.

Yummy cums a couple of times, I have an absolutely solid erection, but the one rule is that you can’t have full sex in the pool, so we sit side by side in the pool as Yummy slowly rubs my arousal.

The dancefloor is full of Mousse, but the numbers down there have dwindled a little. I need to fuck Yummy again, so we decide to retire from the pool and head down to the dancefloor bar again. The Mousse is only at waist height at the moment. I still have my erection and once again Yummy leans over the bar for me whilst others casually watch on and I hold on to her hips and fuck her so hard. I can hear the slapping of my thighs against her arse and my warm swinging balls against her plump swollen cunt lips. The music is playing, we are fucking in the open air, my cock is rock solid inside Yummy and I have every intention of shooting my hot cum inside her. Finally I can’t take it anymore, those delicious lips sliding around my cock, the warmth inside her, the juices splashing onto me, I am almost there and then that’s it, I am transferring my cum into Yummy’s receptive opening. I feel on a completely different plane, just so high, there is no resting, I pull my cock out of Yummy’s vagina, motion her hips to face me and we immediately start dancing. A first, fucking,
cumming and then immediately move into dancing in a club!!! We continue on, my cock soaked with Yummy’s cunt juices and she dripping my cum from between her legs with trickles running down her thighs.

We can only last a couple of tunes dancing, so once again we head for refreshments.

Replenished with a couple of beers, we are back in the pool. The fucking, cunnilingus and fellatio continues around us and we drink in the erotic sights. After a time, it now my turn to sit on the edge of pool and have Yummy pleasure me. In front of everyone, she finalises my hardness with her hand expertly wanking me and then moves on to taking my solid cock in her mouth. I lean back, enjoying Yummy’s mouth, her lips stroking up and down my penis whilst I watch others around me fucking and pleasuring each other….wonderful. Of course, eventually I have to give in
and Yummy knows it, she can feel the extra swelling of my cock. She looks up at me, smiles and uses her hand quickly and firmly on me, then just as I’m about to tip over, she places her mouth back over my cock and I shoot my semen directly into her mouth and to the back of throat. She moves up to me and we share a delightful, thick, salty, silky kiss as we share my cum and we transfer it between each other mouths with our tongues.

We feel so together and as one after such an intimate afternoon where we have shared things in public and with others watching that mean so much to us and keep us so close. Being able to do all of this surrounded by likeminded people is so unique and can only happen at a LeGlamour Mousse Party.

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