Saturday 6 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Day Two - The Beach

We are packed and following three years of experience of naked beach going, we feel that we are the best prepared that we have ever been. We have the cooler bag filled with a bottle full of frozen water, a few beers in there (selection of 33 and Kronenbourg),

delicious baguette sandwiches filled with French cheeses expertly made by Yummy, a few euros for ice creams, our great mat and a UV protective brolly.
We wander down from the Helio Village around the outside of Heliopolis 
and then down towards the beach itself and the boardwalk that takes us across the sand and down to the edge of the Mediterranean.
The first part of the beach is the family section, 
 so it’s turn left and a twenty-minute shore side walk ahead of us to get to the busy swingers’ section. 
We search about for a good spot to pitch up for the day and under Yummy’s good guidance, we find an excellent space and set about the task of laying out the mat, securing in the corner pegs, up with the brolly and then time to crack open a beer each and enjoy the heat and nudity around us.
As is always the case, people take it easy in the early afternoon as like us, many are recovering from last night’s club of choice, so no full on sex happening, just a lovely Sunday afternoon of couples relaxing, some slowly masturbating their partners and some slowly providing oral attentions by sucking their partners cock. 

We too enjoy masturbating each other with Yummy coming a number of times in the warm open air in front of dozens of our likeminded European friends around us. Couples around us turn to enjoy and watch our pleasures whilst single men wander past, stop for the view and stroke their semi hard cocks a little without a care for who sees them doing so. 

Suddenly, a few spots of rain start dropping and within a few minutes there is quite a downpour, but we think it will pass and along with everyone else around us, we all scurry under our umbrellas waiting for it to pass and for activities to resume. It’s quite an unusual experience to see hundreds of naked people on an open beach sheltering from the rain. 

As expected, the clouds quickly pass and as it is so hot on the beach, the sand dries within ten minutes and is left looking as if nothing had happened. 

The afternoon passes by in a soothing wave of couples loving each other and we do likewise, but come 5pm, which is usually when the more overtly sexual and group activities commence, the air turns cool and very dark storm clouds can be seen heading our way very quickly. Everyone knows that this one isn’t going to just a few minutes of rain, so it’s what can only be called a mass exodus from the beach with a long trail of people heading back to the village.
The traditional late afternoon / early evening beach activities may have been called off due to the weather, but our day isn’t over yet…..

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