Saturday 20 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Evening Six - Clair Obscur - BDSM Club - Part 2

Part 2

Yummy needs to recover, so we head back to the bar for food and Desperados. The buffet is as good as ever with chicken, beef, prawns, cheeses, bread, salad so we load our plates and have our beverages ready at the side on our table. We finish our gorgeous spread and two couples who form a group sit alongside us next to Yummy. A middle aged lady who is not unattractive is sitting directly next to Yummy and as we are enjoying our drinks, without any warning or invitation starts stoking Yummy’s knee, then moves upwards on here outer and then inner thigh. No words are exchanged, she simply strokes her thigh as a familiar lover would do, whilst continuing being involved in the conversation with the group. As interesting as this, it is not a swing club and no sex occurs in here, so we move on from the bar and resume our perusal of the club.

The wooden horse is not being used, so we take the opportunity available. The horse has a hole in it for inserting an array of varying size wooden dildos that hang on the wall. Previously we have always gone for the largest one and Yummy can take it well, but due to us being parted for quite a bit of this year we have not been as extreme as usual in our regular play when we have been together and we both know that a wooden dildo has no give in it and will be totally unforgiving should it be too much of a ‘stretch’. We go with medium size and Yummy can just take it, but we don’t want to overreach and find that we have a ‘broken cunt’ on our hands for the reminder of our holiday, so stay prudent and stick at this level.

Horse play over, it is time to move up to the large room again and again we are in luck as the medical table is free. Yummy enthusiastically lays down on it, legs in the stirrups and she is securely strapped down. A long teasing session ensues with kisses, nipples pinched, scratches across her tummy and then of course it is time to concentrate on her pleasure centre. Yummy’s cunt is cropped, stoked, slapped and lovingly held. A group of onlookers is gathering and enjoying what they see, with some occasionally moving around and coming in closer to study techniques and have a fuller understanding on what is happening. Yummy is absolutely dripping juices and is more than ready for fisting. One or two fingers to start would be pointless by now, so we commence with four and this quickly escalates to the thumb joining in and a firmer push from my arm. A slight resistance, however Yummy easily takes my full hand and way past my wrist. Her cries of pleasure are evident and the onlooking group grows in number, as do those who wish to see a full hand and wrist up a lady’s cunt at close quarters.

Yummy relaxes and settles. I start to move my hand back and forth, groans are emitted from Yummy, however we are not here for loving sexual fun, we are here to go to extremes of boundaries and limits. I pull my arm back, there are only my fingers in her cunt now and with my other hand, it is cupped in the first hand and I slowly push both hands forward. Yummy gasps, the group look on with rapt interest and I inch deeper into that soft, wet entrance. We go with staging posts until finally I have both hands fully inside Yummy’s cunt with her lips wrapped around both of my wrists. Yummy is repeating breathlessly ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ whilst I remain still to allow her to get used to being so full. Yummy is so full of lubricating juices inside. I can feel them all over my fingers and hands and when I look down I can see the hairs on my arms completely soaked and matted. Around my hands can feel her internal walls tightly wrapped around me and it is so hot in there.

I gently commence rocking my hands inside Yummy and the pleasure is evident in her breathing, then suddenly she announces that she is going to be cumming and her cunt firmly tightens around my wrist. Her cum subsides and I recommence gentle movements inside her. Yummy is at a sexual peak and it is not long before she cums twice in quick succession, once again tightening her grip on my wrists and this time expelling a flood of wonderful juices all over my hands, wrists and arms!!!

I know that this will be physically draining and exhausting for Yummy, so I slowly withdraw from her, swiftly, but gently, untie the restraints and as she is still lying there, hug her and hold her close for reassurance and to bring her back down.

Our audience express their appreciation and admiration and we retire for recuperation and fluid intake.

Halfway through our drinks, Yummy reaches to her ear and suddenly realises that she has an earring missing. We have no idea where or when it could have become unattached during the course of the evening and with the club having dimmed lighting, this is not going to be easy to find. Fortunately the club is relatively small, so we head off to go from room to room in an attempt to locate it.

We retrace all of our steps and we cannot see it. We agree that the only place that it now could be is under the medical table and broke loose during our fisting adventure. We enter the large room and find that a couple are now playing on the table….with a group of onlookers. We join the onlookers, but are more interested in peering through the dimly light room and trying to pick out objects lying on the floor under the table, as there are a few shapes that we see of things that have been discarded there, but we can’t make them out with accuracy. We keep looking, but we can’t be sure of a confirmed sighting, so we need to get under that table to have a close up viewing, however this wouldn’t be good form with a couple insitu and a group of perverts people looking on!!!

We wait and wait, but this couple are clearly in for the long haul and are in no hurry to finish their scene. Yummy relents and says, “it doesn’t matter, let’s just forget it” and we walk away from the room, but I can see that this earring means something to her and is important and I feel bad this this will cast a shadow over an otherwise very enjoyable evening.

We steel ourselves and go back to the room and by now there are no onlookers, only us and the couple who are wrapped up in each other. After a few minutes we catch his eye and tentatively explain that we have lost the earring and think it may be under their table, but don’t want to disrupt their moment. Immediately, the male profusely encourages us to go ahead and it is clear that he now feels a little guilty that we really want to do something and that it is him and his partner that are unaware that they are blocking us from doing so.

I scramble down under the table and try to be as quick as I can scouring the floor with my hands in the darkness to feel for the earring and whilst there are a few items there, the one that I hoped was the errant item sadly wasn’t what we sought. I come back out, thank the gent, he in return is pleased that he as accommodated us, but ultimately we retire from the room in low spirits as it will clearly not be found.

We stand in an alcove to the side of the main club pathway and start to talk each other into accepting the loss, when Yummy runs her fingers though her hair……..and finds the lost item!!! It was in her hair the whole time!!! We laugh at our foolishness and especially our desperation in wanting to get under that table, however the earring is found, which is the main thing and we have not had anything now put a dampener on the night.

Time is getting on, we have had an exciting night and we don’t have the energy for any further adventure, so we bid our farewells to Clair Obscur, it is quiet, short walk back to Helio Village, we have one last drink and then retire in the peace that is our apartment.

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