Monday, 23 August 2010

In my past I have LOVED anal sex, however; my husband is very well endowed, and I cannot seem to take him no matter what we try. We have tried "working our way up" to it, but still, we have had no success with him penetrating me. Any suggestions?

My advice is to relax and both of you have fun with your fingers and lots of lube. Get used to playing in other ways and maybe choose some toys so that you can get used to something penetrating you that initially isnt as big as his cock.

My ex was initailly too big for me to take, we used to spoon and he would tease my clit so I was on the edge of cuming, his cock tip pushed against me, each time i neared cuming he would push in a little deeper, when he was all in he would let me cum. he did this when anal training me to take his fist.

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  1. WOW
    Anal fisting???

  2. some people have real problems, don't they?