Tuesday, 31 August 2010

TMI Tuesday

Things I want to do in September
1. Meet a friend I have been speaking to on-line for months
2. Have a MMF encounter
3. Enjoy an erotic photo shoot
4. Push limits and explore new depths with the therapist
5. Find a man that enjoys spooning as much as kink

Any offers from the crowd??


  1. 2- I've been the 3rd for a MMF before, I'd love to join you
    3- it was be my pleasure to aim my lens your way!
    5- I don't know how kinky you might consider me, but I do enjoy it as much as I enjoy spooning

    Now if there only wasn't an ocean between us...

  2. 1. Am I flying to you or you to me :)

    2. Me too

    3. I want to watch.

    4. I want to watch

    5. Amen!

    Hedone's TMI is here!

  3. Hello,

    If you'll be able to do those 5 little things you'll have one fantastic September!

    Os cereja

  4. 1. Me too, where do you want to meet
    2. One M here, your the F just need an M
    3. Me too, it hard to take nice sexy photos of myself, how about I shoot you then you shoot me
    4. I love crossing boundaries
    5. No much of a spooner in the traditional sense but I love to cuddle in the 69 position for hours, fall asleep that way

    My offers;
    1. I'd love to mutual masturbate with a woman, I watch you, you watch me
    2. watch an home made erotic movie one of us made with an former partner as foreplay

  5. Can we have a FMF: you, H (the one without boobs) and me?


  6. 1. Secretly wishing/hoping it is me
    2. I think FFM would be awesome

    Pick me for every one...


  7. Spooning is one of the greatest things that is often overlooked. It feels great and can be done for extended periods of time even when one of the two involved is too tired or whatever for sex. I love it.