Friday, 20 August 2010

The 2nd night with the farmer

I was meant to be slipping in the apartment and getting in his bed while he was showering but it had been a long day and I wanted a shower first. I texted him and he met me at the car as I parked it.

As we went into his place he kissed me, I adore the way his arms wrap around me and his hands take hold of me. He looks at me and sees me. I kicked of my heels and started to strip and head to the shower while he made a drink.

I was so aroused almost shaking as I showered, I was aching just to get back to him kissing me.

We pass in the bedroom as I was drying myself and kiss again. I’d brought a little black slip with me and put it on and waited for him. My clit was throbbing.
He was wearing just a towel when he returned, he pulled me close and I felt his hand on my bum followed by a playful smack.

We enjoyed our drinks outside along with the last of the days sunshine, as I walked back in the apartment he had hold of the slip and removed it and took me straight to the bedroom. (we had a brief pause to make the bed apparently he had a very bad woman squirt all over it 2 days ago) (yes that was me).

He kissed me and his hands traced my body and parted my legs, he touched me everywhere and wanted him to but not where I needed it. He gentle ran his fingers over my lips but never parting them and not pressing hard enough. He wet his fingers in my mouth then traced my lips again from my ass forward. I was trying to push myself upon him but it didn’t work.

He took hold of my lips and parted them and exposed my everything. I felt like he was inspecting me which turned me on so much.

With precision he licked my clit, lapping at it gently then sucking it all up and making me squeal. After I came he stuffed his cum covered fingers in my mouth, I could taste my arousal clearly. His wet fingers were then plunged into my cunt and ass. My ass was still tender from Mondays attention but I still wanted to pleased him and I took it knowing he wasn’t going to push it too hard tonight.

I came again and he told me to lie with my head hanging off the bed. I knew this meant I was going to get my throat fucked. He has a ‘fat’ cock, it fills my mouth totally. I relax my throat and he fills it, I’m gasping for breath between strokes and as I’m concentrating on that he slapped my pussy hard, just once, it felt amazing.

We moved to the centre of the bed, I’m lay on my back legs wrapped around him and he plunges himself so deep inside my in one stroke. The mixture of the tender pussy from Mondays fun and the tightness as he hadn’t fisted me made his cock feel so immense inside me. He fucks me hard and the angle is just right my bladder was full and it made it more intense. I came as he fucked me so hard gripping around his cock.

He continued to pound me hard, in one fluid moment he withdrew stood up and shot his load over me. When he cums it is with such ferocity it is so passionate to watch. I was covered

We enjoyed wine and swapped stories, laughing and being serious, he whipped as I walked past with his shirt and I struck his ass hard with a paddle for a laugh. We stood chatting and kissing in the kitchen his arousal again became obvious.

We headed back to the bedroom this time with the restraints in hand, the blindfold and I refused to hand him the paddle, I couldn’t bring myself to pass the instrument of torture to him.

I lay on his bed, in the centre, naked and blindfolded. He kissed me and began to tie me up. In was tied fast to the bed and he tightened the straps to limit my movement. He starts to talk to me, the tone changed, I’d been naughty, I was going to have to learn to be good. It was like electricity running through my cunt, everything felt alive with every word he said. I felt something touch me, I flinched and I learned what it was as the belt smacked against my hand as I instinctively tried to move to cover myself.

He continues to talk to me telling how bad Ive been asking me if I want to be whipped. I mumble 'yes please', PARDON SPEAK UP, 'yes please' I try to say lounder my voice is trembling as I invite him to whip me.

The stings then travelled up my thighs as he whipped me gently with the belt. He stopped a moment then my nipple went on fire as he flicked it in some way, I scream, he told me nobody could hear me and continued.

He askes me did I like it and I manage to say Yes, I know that is the right answer.

I was using what leverage I had to keep my legs closed, he leant in close and told me to open them, open them wide now! It is so hard to doing that voluntarily when you know you are opening yourself up so that a leather belt can sting your clit.

I don’t open them far enough and he forces me open. The belt touches me, gently this time but mentally it was stinging, I was waiting for it. A few gentle taps on my pussy lips, a sting on my nipple to distract me then CRACK, I screamed, I almost came it was so intense.

He moved he was sat between my spread legs, his legs under mine, he pushes up close and sticks his cock inside me and fucks me so hard.

I about to cum and I ask for permission. NO.

I beg to cum. NO

“if you cum I will fist your ass hard”

He knows I can’t take that tonight it’s too sore from Monday. I bite my lip and deny myself my orgasm.

He stops and he tells me I bore him, I haven’t pleased him, the leather belt is placed round my neck and tightened to like a collar, He un ties me and leads me into the living room blindfolded and forces me over the sofa and tells me to present my ass to him. The belt is tethered to the sofa or he still has hold of i, im not sure which, so if I pull it tightens. I have to keep still and take what is coming.

Part 2 tomorrow


  1. Incredible, really incredible.
    So sexciting. Both physical and mental. Can't wait for part 2.
    Please post early.

  2. This is a good man, honey. Doing to you what needs to be done...

    And YOU are a good girl for taking it all...!