Monday, 23 August 2010

Do you have those people around you who simply will touch you when you feel you need it? And can you call on them regularly? And would you send one or two of them over the water here to me...:)

The Therapist in recent months has been there for me both sexually and emotionally. he ee ven brought a clean hanky for me to blow my nose on as he knew I was going to cry and just last week when I was stressed he massaged me and bought me my fav chocs, fed them to me while he rubbed and kissed every inch of me.

We don't have sex, we never have and never will I doubt. It started as a me not wishing to go that far but we both got off on it and it saves emotions getting mixed up as we are now very close friends.

As for sending him over... I would gladly share; picture this... he tells me he has an hour to spare one day, a week or so ago, I tell him to come for a cup of tea. I made the drinks we talk then he licked me to 3 wonderful orgasms and left. It was amazing!

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