Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Therapy session - spank therapy for naughty girls

I'm fast asleep, its about 8am and the therapist is making a house visit.

He strips off and climbs in the bed, I'm still sound asleep. I wake as I feel him take hold of me. I don't open my eyes, I'm still to sleepy but I enjoy the immediate and intense attention from him. He squeezes my breast and parts my thighs. His fingers immediately stroking my clit and transferring my juices flowing already from me.

He kisses my neck and back as he hold me by the throat and presses himself against me. He disappears between my thighs and generously licks me. He has me grinding on his face, still without opening my eyes, it all feels so wonderfully dreamy. he makes me cum several times before pushing his fist inside me. He takes it slow and pushes inside me. Licking at me again while vigorously fisting me he has me screaming with pleasure.

He takes hold of me again and holds me close, whispers to me that I have been a bad patient, he tells me im not allowed to cum, he keeps stroking my clit as I tell him im sorry. Im near cumming and ask him if I'm allowed yet. NO! and if I do he will spank me.. hard. He talks so dirty to me, telling me things I must do for him, it turns me on so much.

I beg him to stop as I'm so near cumming, I'm fighting it but know I will cum any moment and I want the spanking. I cum so hard and shudder as he continues to tourment my clit, he tells me to bend over. He holds me so I can move and delivers a stream of hard spanks on alternate cheeks. Its starting to hurt, its burning and getting sensitive. I'm begging him to stop. I'm sorry for being a bad patient. I promise to be so good. He pauses and plays me my engorged clit and makes me cum again. He spanks me more, pushing me to the edge.

When the punishment is finished he presents his cock for me to suck. I do as he asks and suck it hard. As he nears cuming he tells me to bend over, I hold my ass cheeks open and he cums over me.

My bottom is still tender as I write this, it makes me ache for more


  1. You have the BEST therapist! ;)

  2. I think you need a really good hard spanking with out any of the other stuff.

    Just the spanking with your hands tied so you can't play with the little man in you boat.

    You need some abstinence.

    What do you say to that?

  3. oh dear gawd I NEED A THERAPIST!


  4. I don't believe that's a real therapist.
    But I'll give you this.

  5. I am with Hedone.....I need a THERAPIST!!!!!and a taste of that delicious.......

  6. Damn woman, you did it again, you've got me at attention! If you know what I mean ;-)