Friday, 6 August 2010

Flash Fiction

(Source image: "Untitled 3" by Samantha Wolov)

This weeks challenge is 134-184 words including. "...drifting, floating, crashing to earth..." Within the submission

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Its was almost 8weeks since I saw him last. It was such a heart-wrenching moment when we parted and we hadn't realised it would be so long until we next touched. I had got to the hotel early afternoon, his flight didn't land until 7pm. The afternoon was spent bathing and preparing for 48 hours of debauched passion and adoration. The relief of being there knowing in a matter of hours I would be held again and after a previous night of sleepless due to excitement and anticipation, I fell asleep on the bed waiting for him.

I woke as he pressed his naked self against me. He pushed his hardness deep inside of my wetness, moving slowly but so hard and deliberately as I tried to shake off the sleep, I was drifting, floating, crashing to earth as I came so hard, shuddering, our bodies entwined and I felt him fill me with his warm cum.

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  1. Glad you're still joining us! Thanks for participating this week even being out of town.

    -- PB

  2. What a reunion. Particularly the end; nothing like a creampie to get back together. Great job!

  3. Ooooh for the reunion, what bliss we do suffer at the hands of our lover. Now I want a reunion of my own... *wistful sigh*

  4. Describing how most feel before meeting with someone special or waiting for a hot occasion...

    I love the togetherness in the end :)