Tuesday, 24 August 2010

TMI - masterbating and my current fantasy

1. I often like to shower first before masturbating, teasing myself and squeezing my nipples hard in the shower

2. I like to push something deep in my cunt, sometimes a toy but sometimes something ordinary to hand

3. I like to use my bullet normally when masturbating alone, its quite and effective, with my legs closed I cant hear it
This is mine http://www.sexshop365.co.uk/catalog/top-sex-toy-brands-242/rocks-off-550/mini-vibrator-ammunition-for-love-purple-10626.html

4. I often put pegs on my nipples and imaging they are being suck and bitten

5. I like to kneel next to the bed, lay myself forward onto the bed and push my crotch against the edge of the bed

I'm tied up over a chair or table, legs apart and pussy exposed, you examine my pussy and it isn't shaved well enough so you spank me. When you finish you place a bowl of water between my legs and fetch a razor and towels, you bathe my pussy and soap it up, taking your time as you do it and then you shave me. You rinse me and dry me, slowly and carefully. You rub cream into my pussy and tell me its perfect and ready for you but I'm must not let it get wet and I'm not allowed to cum.

You place my bullet against my clit and peg my lips together to hold it in and then begin to prepare my ass for your cock, you use a syringe to squirt cold cream in my ass, refilling it, squeezing more in each time so that when you push your cock in you know it will overspill. I can't stop myself and I cum!

You are cross with me and stop what you are doing and tell me you will have to start again, spank me harder and this time I will have to take more cream....

happy TMI peeps xx post if you played


  1. Oh so very sexy and hot.
    I love to masturbate right after the shower....there is just something about it.

    BTW, I am playing TMI.

  2. Very naughty! I love you teasing yourself in the shower, anticipating the ass reaming and the cream spilling out

  3. That's a very tantalizing fantasy!

  4. You drive me wild with these sexy thoughts and fantasies.

    I'm playing TMI Tuesday too... here!