Friday, 6 August 2010

I want to date Spock

I want to date Spock

Eh? Say what? Is she mad??

And no its not the pointy ears, the well groomed eye brows or the uniform... Although I do like a man in uniform (police preferably).

Its the salute.

I have experienced the Spock salute and it made me cum so hard.

Its a friend of mine who I see now and then, he likes to just lick me, he suffers from premature ejaculation and gets his kicks from making ladies climax. He has this technique where he puts his thumb against my clit, two fingers on my g-spot and two in my ass. He moves so slowly as he licks and suckles on my clit, making me cum repeatedly.

I may have to go hang out at the next star trek convention to get me a man (or woman).


  1. Hahahah. You're such a perv ;-)


  2. "Seems logical to me captain, live long and prosper" Save journey home xxx

  3. LOL! I shall have to complain to your friend for stealing all my best moves!!

  4. LOL
    I never thought about that before. I don't mind that myself.

    Damn, so I am a closeted star trek


    OMG....the word verification is "cheating".

  5. OMG....that almost made me cum just reading that description. I've had something similar done and it was *orgasmic*....