Tuesday, 3 August 2010

TMI Tuesday- random stuff about me

Since I just posted about my chance meeting J, I thought I'd do a top 5 things I've done with J. And yes that's a pic of J eating me :)

1. Hosted a party for 18 people (couples) at an apartment in Scotland, was such an amazing sexy night
2. Been spit roasted, J took the rear guard at a swing club
3. Had sex in my fav restaurant (can't go there again)
4. Went to a swingers club and put on a sex show for a bunch of geriatric couples (wasn't aware we were putting on the show until I looked up and saw them all gathered around, then went for it!)
5. Had a MFFF with him... That was so sexy! He retired to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and toast halfway through and sat and watched us ladies play while sipping his cup of tea.

Bonus fact is J is amazing at oral and loves to eat me all night! Its amazing x

Still away on holiday, tan coming along a treat! Keep the post and emails coming they are keeping me sane!

Post if you played please!!


  1. You're so wild 'n' sexy!

    Thanks for sharing.


    I'm playing TMI click HERE

  2. Damn, you look so delicious. I could just move J out of the way and devour you for the other half of the night.

    Of course I played....wink wink