Saturday, 31 July 2010

Right Place, Wrong Time

Bumped in J

I was walking in the city centre, off to meet a supplier for lunch. As ever I was texting or emailing on one of me blackberrys. I paused outside the theatre, I glanced for traffic and he caught my eye.

I smiled at him, he lent in to kiss me (as a friend on the cheek) and whispered "my god your breasts look amazing" he also indicated to look at his crotch area and his arousal was notable.

"Where are you going" he asked
"Lucky man, will he get to each you?" He licked his lips
"Lol no its work"
"How long will you be?" He asked
"A couple of hours I suspect"
"Damn, I have to leave for manchester by then"
"Such a shame"
he lent in and whispered again "I want to lift you dress up and do you so hard from behind right now"
I smiled. I blushed. I agreed.

He lent in to kiss me again, his hand in the small of my back. I felt so aroused as I went off to lunch.

I got a few text's whilst eating....

His text
May I say you looked delicious today x

How nice it would have been to lift up that blue dress and fucked you from behind!

My reply
Stop it! I'm horny as hell now I've seen you

His reply
Pick anywhere when we get back and let's spent s night getting naughty, want to meet a couple or do a club as well?

My reply
Mmm sounds fun, speak when I'm back off holiday.

Sounds like an excellent plan!


  1. It is so nice when someone sexy that you want is sending naughty texts and pics.
    Very sexy.

  2. What a fun little meet, and don't you love sexy, sincere sexting?


  3. That was an excellent chance meeting!