Sunday, 18 July 2010

A week in review and SAVE MY SANITY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

32 orgasms , 24 were given to me, 8 i gifted to myself

No-one made love to me

1 man abused me, made me gush and squirt

1 man made me so tender I can hardly sit down

1 man gave me an award for making him so hard when he reads my blog

1 man made me sob

1 female lover got back in touch and it made me smile

4 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
9 people loved my HNT offering

I'm off on holiday later this week. Ive done a few scheduled posts and NV is being a babe and playing caretaker for me as I plan to post from poolside, well I plan to email him and he is going to sort. No doubt being at close quarters with the family for 3 weeks will keep my other blog busy

Im going to be in a remote farm house with my mother and husband FFS! OMG why did I agree to this?

Message me and keep my sanity in check please!

In fact I think we should have a save yummy's sanity rally!
Please do one of the following.....
1) Send me a filthy fantasy that involves me
2) Sexual ideas for me to try out when I get back
3) Ask me a question in the comments as the formspring thing is unreliable at best


  1. You will be truly missed. The emails will cum!!!

  2. Enjoy your holiday. I will miss you.

    heeheehee "the emails will cum!!!"...PY you're so bad :)


  3. well that doesn't sound like any fun is upcoming!

  4. OH, you'll be hearing from me, don't you worry!

  5. Hi,
    Cool baby.
    Why not join you escorts services for this.

  6. I'm going to say enjoy your holiday with great hope that you will. :\

    You've had quite a busy week, girl!

  7. You will be missed! Enjoy your holiday!!!