Wednesday, 7 July 2010

HNT - Dutch cream pie any one? and a wet dream

WARNING NAUGHTY CLICK THROUGH! NSFW (but when is my blog ever?)

It just loved that feeling of his warm cum cover me. I shall post the final installment of the weekend with Dutch later today.

Anyone want to guess how many times either of us came in the 3 days?


I came in my sleep dreaming about Dutch the night before last, it was sparked by something we did on Sunday.

I was teasing him using a glass over his cock, making him feel touch but not enough, I dreamt he pushed the glass deep inside me, he held me open and just watched me get wet and he listened to me beg to be touched, beg to cum. Every now and then he licked my clit but stopped short of letting me climax. He dipped his cock in the glass knowing I couldnt feel it, gentle fucking it adding to my frustration. He made watch as he came in the glass.

I woke up shuddering in an orgasm with my fingers jammed in my wetness.


Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x


  1. "Dutch was here" and here and here and here and...

  2. Dutch was many, many places, I think! Very interesting dream, girl!

    My word verification - "excess" ROTFL!!!

  3. Looks like Dutch and Yummy had a big fun time!

  4. Very yummy cream that a play on

    I love the temp tattoo, very sexy. Dutch marking the spot.

    I think you came at least 100 times and Dutch 30 times.

  5. Great job! He sure creampie'd you big time!

  6. mmmmm my favorite dessert...

    Served up very nicely!