Saturday, 3 July 2010

DUTCH! WOW! OMG! (part 1)

Currently spooning with dutch as I write this...

Sat nervous at the airport, starbucks was the chosen venue, Where we have left off I suppose. I nursed my mango smoothy while being amused by NV via my yahoo on phone. He knew I need distracting and he was a good friend to help calm me down.

At 12.30 a familiar smile came into view and it connected with my lips.

I was like a giggling school girl on first date, nervous and clumsy as I jumped of my stool to greet him.

We kissed and then headed straight for the taxis. Kissing and held hands in the taxis, talking about mundane stuff but the sexual tension was there. The way he looked at me. He was undressing me mentally.

I sat in the hotel lobby trying not to make it look obvious that I was staring at his rather delicious and pert ass. Glancing away to observe the architecture of the building every time he turned to smile at me.

We entered the lift and started to kiss only briefly disconnecting to leave and find our room and reconnect seamlessly as we threw down the luggage.

The kissing was so passionate I could feel myself get wetter. Lay on the bed kissing more deeply but still not touching me other than to hold me. Then the teasing began...

After 21 days of abstaining I was ready to blow and he had also abstained which was obvious by the way his trousers where straining.

His hands trailed lazily over my body, touching everything except where I urgently needed it. He slowly got closer and closer, lifting my dress but then doing nothing to my exposed thighs, making me ache more.

He dipped his fingers in my mouth then trailed the wet tips along the edge of my crotch, it was making me shudder. I kissed him more passionately urging him to touch me deeper. Then he pulled my panties aside and gently teased over the lips, ensuring he didn't touch my pouting labia and clit. Then he took my breath away. He touched me, he made contact with my clit, it send electricity through my body and started and orgasm immediately. It was so intense, long awaited and needed. As I shuddered lay in his arms and he held me firmly it became apparent he had read tuesdays post... Item 3! My clit became sensitive and I pulled away as he touched it. He pinned me down firmly and took me to another orgasm in minutes as I writhed and pulled away helplessly.

When I came the second time he held me so tightly, so affectionately, it was amazing.

After a few minutes I started to move my kisses down his body. Heading south to check out what was straining on his trousers. I've spent the last few weeks wondering what his cock would look, taste and feel like... I found out... After teasing him of course!

I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, kissing his stomach and licking along the line of were his shorts made contact.

Nibbling his cock through the fabric but not allowing him any more... After a brief moment of laughter as I struggled to remove his boots and required using the bed as leverage to do so I return to my administration of teasing kisses. I lowered his shorts to expose more of him but left his cock covered. Kissing and biting the base of it, making him moan and urge me on.

I freed his cock and licked it from the base upwards, It was oozing precum. I kissed the tip gently the circled his cock around my lips wiping the pre cum around my lips. I kissed the tip of his cock so gently, like tiny whispers, looking at him as I teased him. Then I took him deeply in my mouth and began to suck and tease with my tongue knowing he wouldn't last long after all the weeks of teasing and today. He shot his load deep in my mouth. His whole body shuddered and his cock pulsed in my mouth.

I return to lie next to him, he made me cum another 11 times before we went out for beer and steaks....

Got to go something hard pressing against my bum cheeks Next instalment soon!!!


  1. Onward, woman. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Oh babe, I told you all that nervousness was not needed. lol

    I am glad he is making you feel so good. Dutch do her good, she needs it!!!!

    I can't believe you actually left the room in the first

  3. Have the most memorable, amazing time! You've actually made this zombie a bit turned on. It's a miracle! Will be waiting for more!

  4. Get him girl!!!!!

  5. Hey, fantastic that you are having fun!

    M xxx