Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A week in review

1 therapy session
12 orgasms 9 given to me 3 I gifted to myself
2 sexy emails from blog friends... I've published them so go read.
1 naughty mention in a sexy TMI http://pleasure-principle-hedone.blogspot.com/2010/07/tmi-tuesday-july-20-2010.html

1 old friend J bumped into me and whispered he wanted to bend me over and fuck me
1 old friend text and said to pic any hotel his treat
1 man was a sterling good friend and looked after my blog while I holiday
Holiday update
Weathers is good, enjoying the fresh air, red wine and quality time with the kids.

Unusual request
To inflate a balloon in my bottom??

Favourite request
When I get back for J to take me away for the night - Edinburgh I think!

6 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="http://static.flickr.com/51/152199606_c5ea8f9add_o.png" width=80 height=15>
11 people loved my HNT offering

1 blog award given:


This woman is so sexy and is as naughty as me. She was also my first follower and told her friends about me.

I'm on holiday and NV is being a babe and playing caretaker for me as I plan to post from poolside. With being at close quarters with the family for 3 weeks it will keep my other blog busy http://marriednoparole.blogspot.com

Im in a remote farm house with my mother and husband FFS! OMG why did I agree to this?

Keep messaging me and keep my sanity in check please!


  1. Sounds like a fairly good week with the exception of being in a remote farmhouse with your husband AND mother! You are a strong, brave woman. I'd definitely have homicidal thoughts. ;)

  2. Glad you are enjoying the weather and the time with the children, enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx

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  4. A balloon, wouldn't that pop????

    Sexy emails are the best especially when they are about you!!!!

  5. WTH! A balloon? In your ass?!

    Hey what ever...just be sure to document and photograph ;-)


  6. LOVE to give you a hand or two anytime, baby...:)