Monday, 12 July 2010

TMI - FFF style

Myself and Playfully Yours recieved the following in an email from a sexy blogger: >

I secretly fantasize about you and HNS. When PY writes those X, Y stories I think...I want to be Ms. X. Last installment you offered to be Ms. X and I thought...okay, I'll be Ms. Z and we can all 3 be naughty together.

So we thought we would share our thoughts on the matter...Characters are Mr.Y (PY), Ms. X (me), Ms. Z (sexy blogger)>> I will leave this blogger nameless unless she chooses to say who she is in the comments.>>

1) I have cum several times fantasizing about the 3 of us together

2) I imagine we are at PY's place, have a few drinks and Ms Z is sat between us. PY and myself have hatched a plan and both lean in to kiss Ms Z start to undress her. We pin her down and tease her until she begs for us to taste her. We take turns, taking her to the edge of cumming and dont let her for hours.

3) I wish to spank both Ms Z and PY in turn. having the other one help me each time. Checking to see how wet they get, pushing in toys then making then lick them clean again.

4) I want both PY and Ms.Z to fist me, I want them to both fist me at the same time until I gush and squirt over them.

5) I want to be lay on the bed, Ms Z on my face and PY licking and fingering me until I cum. Then we all swap around until we are drenched in each other juices.

Bonus is im playing right now and going to gift myself another orgasm Im thinking of you both fucking me with strap on's ... how naughty of me x


  1. THAT got me drooling big time. I can feel the wet spot in my shorts already. Damn!

  2. Wow that would be a sight to behold, can I sign up as voyeur #1.
    That pic on the couch mmmmmmm and
    #4 is just the best. As ever you top it again xx

  3. ~gulp~

    Can I wear the red lingerie?

    oh dear gawd my 'nether-region' is pulsing


  4. Oh yours was very hot. I am glad that we got together on this and taunted her in more ways then one...**wink**
    I am ready for #2 and #5.

  5. Well ... who wouldn't want to be a part of THAT! *fans self* My! Gods!

  6. like nitebyrd says ............who wouldn't want to be a part of that.......I know I would

    sn x