Tuesday, 27 July 2010

TMI - fisting

1. Until last year I had never been fisted
2. M fisted me the first time, I gushed all over his sofa, thankfully it was leather!
3. I have been double fisted
4. I have had HIS hand inside me and he has wanked himself off
5. I gush and squirt when I'm fisted

I love the feeling of been filled and stretched using toys or hands or any thing else as you well know!

Sorry can't do the usual suspects list so please post in comments if you play and tell me if you like being fisted or fisting???


  1. Double fisted? You continue to amaze me!

    Didn't someone tell someone that she'd share a few special pictures? ;-)

  2. I have never been fisted.

    Do you squirt only when fisted?

    Here's my TMI Tuesday


  3. Have never been fisted. Still not sure if I want to. Double fisted!?! WOW!

  4. Never been, though I put my arms to sleep a few times trying...

    Would love to be...then doubled!

    Or footed! (blush)

  5. Of course I am playing!!!

    I have never been fisted and I might want to try, just try, maybe.

  6. Ah all this talk of fisting, I remember the first therapy session I had with H&S, I was introduced to the wonderful world of fisting by her. I have to say it was a complete revelation to me. I had obviously read and seen it in books films etc but to actaully experience it, wow, H&S says she gushes and squirts when fisted and boy does she but what a feeling it is actually doing the fisting, without a doubt one of the best sexual feelings and so pleased she has added that to my therapy repertoire. Any one interested in learning more should look up a copy of 'A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting' by Deborah Addington. Amazon stock it.. have fun guys.........

  7. Absolutely one of the sexiest women I've ever encountered. You hot bitch...thank you!