Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What are the tallest heels youve danced in? What are the tallest heels youve had sex in? Have you ever given a strip-tease to combine your two favorite sports? :)

5inch are my highest I own, I have danced in them many times, last time I cleared the floor doing my Beyonce, Single Ladies party peice lol!

Same for having sex, and I do love wearing my heels when i have sex. make me feel so much more sexy.

As for given a strip tease yes but not for a while, I used to do belly dancing and I did that, lots of boobs and booty shaking going on, it was more like a lap dance. Mind you I was drunk and I probably looked more like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies... you know when she falls down trying to look ever so sexy???

Ask me anything


  1. I've never even put on a pair of 5-inch heels. I used to own, and work in 4-inch heels but I gave that up years ago.

    I've the movie True Lies many times. It's a good one.

    Hns, you're sexy no matter. Now, may I have one of those boobs 'n' booty lap dances?


  2. you may sexy so long as you return the favour x

    I where 4 inch heels for work, I tower over everone, Im 6ft without the heels.

  3. Yum, long legs and heels.
    Its not for me but I will look as much as I can and touch whenever possible.

  4. There sure are a lot of tall hotties in blogland: Heelsnstocking, barely.pink, A Reluctant Bitch...

    :-( I wish I was tall